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Today I pass over to Mandie who has a review of Katy Lilley’s Second Chances for Lottie Botte as part of the blog tour. Thanks to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting us to join the tour and to publisher Manatee Books for providing an advance copy for review. Here’s what it’s all about:

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About the Book

Unhappy, friendless and dissatisfied with life in general, Lottie Botte isn’t afraid to let people know how she really feels.

When her husband Donald comes home and drops a bombshell, Lottie realises she is about to lose everything. Now is her chance to make some changes.

Second chances don’t come along very often, and Lottie must grab her opportunity with both hands, even if it means negotiating with the mysterious hot guy who is moving into her house… 

Can Lottie become someone else – a less grotty, snotty Lottie?

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Mandie’s Thoughts

Lottie Botte is a bored, snooty and verbally vicious housewife who thinks nothing of giving people a piece of her mind if they do anything to displease her. When her husband Donald tells her that the marriage is over and he has sold the house life as she knows it changes drastically.

This book had me chuckling a lot. Thankfully I was reading it at home otherwise I think I would have got some very strange looks. I love Lottie even when she was at her nastiest at the beginning of the book, as let’s face it, who hasn’t given someone a sharp dressing down when faced with a complete idiot? It was quite a refreshing change to read a book about someone whose life is disintegrating around them but they are not falling apart. There was no real bitterness or woe is me for the main character, she just worked out what wad important to her and got on with life.

Lottie does have to do a bit of grovelling but she soon manages to get a close group of friends including both her current and ex sister in laws. She has a great sense of humour and manages to poke fun at both herself and her ex husband…her put downs are quite to the point where he is concerned. He did seem a bit of a weak willed wimp, who was happy to blame Lottie for everything and was incapable of taking responsibility for anything of it didn’t go according to his plan.

There is a bit of a love interest for her in the form of Gibb, the man who buys Lottie’s old house. He has quite an interesting past that causes some hilarity throughout the book. Not going to say what it is though….to find that out you are going to have to read it for yourself.

Maddie and Bryony were fun, both had been on the receiving end of Lottie’s acerbic comments in the past but are willing to extend the olive branch of friendship, never letting her forget her past attitudes but poking fun of it at every opportunity and backing her up against others who are less willing to believe she is changing.

Second Chances for Lottie Botte is certainly a fun read that would be perfect for the holidays and just shows that even if some parts of your life are ending it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

About the Author

The softer, sweeter side of Raven McAllan, I write romance with sass.
Ever since I made up happy ever after stories to tell to my dolls, and then to my children, I’ve wanted to write them. It just took a long while to get there.

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