I am three …

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I’ve been thinking for a while about how I go about celebrating surviving three years of blogging. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it does feel like I’m ‘surviving’.

It’s been a strange old year so far, 2019. There have been many times i have considered stopping blogging altogether. I have found myself to be tired. Tired of reading every night, because it does quickly become an every night thing. Tired of being asked to review books in genres that I openly state I don’t read. Tired of being asked to read books in genres I do openly state that I read because I already have a list of 900 books waiting for my attention, and each book I agree to read pushes ones I just want to read further from the top of the pile. And if it’s not the thought of scaling Mount TBR weighing me down then it’s the drama. Oh, my god … the drama.

It’s just books people. I love them, I love reading, but by god. IT. IS. JUST. BOOKS!!!

And I think all bloggers get to this point at times. I’ve seen a few fall by the wayside as a result, which makes Me sad. Very sad.

But … I did’t start my blog for the freebies. Or the requests. Or the tours, or the book events and definitely not the drama. I started because I loved reading, I loved reviewing the books to say thank you to the authors who entertained me, and I loved being able to share that love of books in cyberspace. Even if no-one was listening/reading.

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I’m not writing reviews for the other readers. No offence guys – I love the few of you that slog through my posts, I really do – but I started this to collate my reviews. A kind of on line journal of all the times I have loved a book. A not so secret message from me to the author. But, despite this never having intended to be noticed or achieve anything, blogging has had some strange benefits.

Because of blogging I’ve got to meet some fabulous people both virtually and in-real-lifey. Because of blogging, I’ve been to more wonderful book festivals than I ever thought I would and even visited a couple of cat cafes (as you do). Because of blogging I have been introduced to some absolutely awesome books and authors that I would otherwise have overlooked, sticking to the old faithfuls. Because of blogging I’ve even been in three (technically six I suppose) books as a named character. None of the characters were short fat and grumpy though so no-one meeting me IRL would recognise me from that.

Because of blogging my face has been on You Tube. I don’t do You Tube. The things you do for some people (Angela Marsons!!!).

Because of blogging I have it on record, in writing, in the front of a book, that I am ‘not a stalker really’

And so I’m not going anywhere just yet. Three years in and though I may be slowing (I’m reading at a considerably slower pace than ever before right now and I won’t even apologise for it) I am still going. I’ll be slower still over the summer so if you don’t see me, don’t panic. I’m still here. Just (hopefully) enjoying the sun and maybe even putting fingers to keyboard in an entirely different way. Who knows.

But to those of you who have stuck with me, encouraged me, said thank you, praised my (far, far too long) reviews and random cat pictures, thank you. Your support, and often friendship, means a lot. To the publishers and authors (especially the super, super supportive ones – you know who you are) who have kept me furnished with books (both those which were free and those that I have purchased) thank you too. I love your work. Keep at it.

To Mandie who keeps bowing to my demands for extra content because I don’t like having gaps … She’s a good egg really. Which, when you consider she made omelettes for our breakfast at work yesterday, may actually make her a cannibal … 🤔

To those who think I’m a pain in the arse and wish I would just sod off .. Tough tits. I’m staying. Ya don’t always get what you want in life 😉 Suck it up Buttercup as my dear sister would say. Well, Mandie would, but that’s close enough.

Probably a somewhat random ‘I am three’ post this one. But at least it has more words than last years ‘I am two’ post. If I get the time or inclination I may post something more profound at some stage. In the meantime, here’s my birthday/blogiversary party penguin.

Some stats for those who would like me to take being three far more seriously than I can be arsed to. (Three – that’s 21 in dog/blog years. That makes me an adult now, right?).

Total Posts – 1294

Most viewed day – December 18th 2018.

Top viewed post – Review – The Woman In The Woods by John Connolly

Most ignored post – Review Policy – Viewed 1942 times and yet still people offer me Sci-Fi and Erotica books …

Total followers – 1137 + 7215 on Twitter/Facebook

Anticipated followers after this post – 4 + 7215 on Twitter/Facebook. No-one reads my posts there anyway 😉

Have a fabulous day all. Enjoy the books. Enjoy the sunshine. See you next year.


15 thoughts on “I am three …

  1. Happy, Happy, Happy, Jen and Mandie!!!
    You, Ladies, offer so much support and lift book reviewing up one notch through your passion. I find it motivating to read about what else is happening in the book world and your blog paints a vivid image.

    I hope you will treat yourselves to some cake and books today!

    Here’s to another thrilling year and more of those December 18th posts. (Now I’ll have to go and look for it).

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    1. Thanks Patricia and thanks for all of your support. Quite by coincidence, December 18th is actually Mandie’s birthday. We had a run of Orenda Books posts on that day which went down a storm. The power of publicity huh?

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  2. Firstly, happy blogiversary 🙂

    Secondly, that paragraph about all the drama… oh, yes. I’m always happy when i come across likeminded people who think about this whole thing as “it’s just books”. Cuz it’s true.
    In the first 7-8 of my blogging i accepted a few review copies, but not anymore. I don’t feel it necessary, and most books that came my way didn’t really interest me, and i refuse to force books on myself.

    Happy reading! ❤

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    1. Thank you. it’s so true. I think the more you accept requests the more it feels like you are always reading for others and not yourself any books are a real joy to read but oh the stress that comes with it.

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  3. Happy 3rd Blogiversary Jen. Thank-you for reminding me of your reasons for starting your blog as they almost exactly mirror my own. I started my blog in 2007 but didn’t take it seriously until I retired… you guessed it… 3 years ago.
    Like you, I’ve considered packing it in – more than once.
    As of today I have 185 review commitments, so I guess I’ll be around a while longer. LOL
    This summer, I’ll be taking an extended hiatus because I will be undergoing major surgery. After that, well… we’ll see.
    All the best. Keep those kitty pictures coming.

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    1. Thanks Lynne. It’s quite the commitment isn’t it? You don’t realise until you become embroiled and then it’s non stop. Hope you do keep doing and I will keep finding those cat piccies for you

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