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Today it is my great pleasure to share my thoughts on the latest psychological thriller from Chris Curran, All The Little Lies. I’d like to say happy publication day to Chris Curran and thank you for inviting me to read the book, and also thanks to publishers, Killer Reads, for providing an advance copy for review. Here is what the book is all about:

The Bookish Bits

Your whole life has been a lie…

One email is all it takes to turn Eve’s world upside down. It contains a picture of her true birth mother, Stella, and proves that Eve’s entire life with her adoptive parents has been a lie.
Now she must unravel the mystery of Stella’s dark past. But what Eve finds will force her to take enormous risks, which put her – and her new-born baby – in immediate danger…

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My Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed reading books by Chris Curran and when I heard she had a new titles out, I don’t mind admitting that I was quite excited. She has a beautiful way of creating characters that you become invested in and care about, whilst putting them in the midst of a twisting and compelling story. All The Little Lies was absolutely no different.

In this story we meet Eve, a woman who has always known that she was adopted but for whom life is set to become very, very complicated. When a friend spots a piece in the press about a new exhibit by Eve’s birth mother, Stella, it prompts her to find out more about the woman who gave her up for adoption. But there are those who aren’t so keen for the truth to be told, people who will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love.

I really grew to like the character of Eve quite quickly. She is in an absolutely impossible position, torn between the parents she has loved her whole life long, and finding out the truth about her own mother, Stella. She is written as a very sympathetic character, perhaps a little trusting at times, but someone who is keen to understand her roots. At the heart of the novel, this is a story about family, and this is a strong theme throughout. I could fully understand Eve’s determination to know her mother, especially as she has her own child on the way. She is intelligent, forthright and perhaps even a little stubborn, but not in a negative way and I was just as keen as Eve was to find out the truth.

A lot of time is given to scene setting in this book – it’s not edgy or fast paced but there are some very dramatic and climactic moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. The action moves back and forth between the present day and Stella’s past. The chapters are interwoven seamlessly, the action very easy to follow, and each segment giving you just that little bit more of the story, not so much you can foresee all that is going to happen, but enough to keep you intrigued and keen to read onward.

There are some quite emotional moments in this book at times, and Chris Curran has done a brilliant job of portraying just how far people are willing to go for love. Add in moments of tension, misdirection, a whole team of untrustworthy characters and you have a heady mix which makes for a brilliant read. I found I had read this in next to no time. It’s yet another fabulous story and definitely recommended.

About the Author

All the Little Lies is Chris Curran’s fourth psychological thriller for Harper Collins Killer Reads. She lives in East Sussex and writes, standing up, in a room with no view. When inspiration falters she finds tea (Earl Grey, hot) and a bout of ironing are very therapeutic. In breaks between books she dusts, cooks, walks by the sea and reads – but mostly reads.

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