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Today it is my absolute pleasure to be taking part in the blog tour for The Hunter by Andrew Reid. A huge thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me to join the tour and to publisher Headline who provided an advance copy of the book for review. Before we see what I thought, here is what the book is all about:

The Bookish Bits

A troubled genius who vanishes in a mysterious car crash.

A disillusioned cop sensing conspiracy in the corridors of power.

A ruthless team of mercenaries operating in the shadows.

A billion-dollar business that wants the world in its grip.

One link connects them all.

A champion fighter. Betrayed and searching for the truth.


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My Thoughts

Thrillers are one of my favourite genres to read and I am always on the look out for books which are full of action, intriguing plot lines and characters who you can really root for (or against – I’m not fussy). When I was given the chance to read The Hunter I jumped at it and I am so very glad I did as it gave me all of that and so much more besides.

When Cage Fighter Cameron King’s future is irreparably changed in a car accident, she seeks out an alternative career, one which challenges her and allows her to use both her intelligence and her strength. As a bounty hunter or ‘skip-tracer’ Cameron hunts down targets across the country while all the time having half an eye on finding the one person who seems able to elude her – her own brother. Following a lead on a suspect all the way across the country, Cameron finds herself caught in the middle of a huge operation in which she is being targeted, but as to who by and why, it will take all of her mental and physical strength to find out.

I loved this book, especially the central characters of Cameron and Ray Perada, a San Francisco cop who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and in every bit as much trouble as Cameron. There is a brilliant chemistry between the pair and although Cameron has the edge in terms of physical strength, in terms of street smarts and intuition, Ray is every bit her match. The way in which the author has them bouncing off each other is brilliant, and I really found myself believing in the duo and their unconventional camaraderie.

Now this is a book which is heavy in both tech and action. For fans of a good old fashioned action thriller there are a plethora of high octane scenes which will keep you smiling from shoot outs to a really tense and edge of the seat scene near to the end of the book. It certainly ticked all of my boxes. Set against this though you have a really futuristic (at least I hope its only futuristic) element of storyline which takes it away from a straight forward shoot out into something far more complex and, quite frankly, disturbing. It really makes you think about the control of big business and the application of science and technology in modern society and, while not yet grounded in reality, it didn’t seem all that far fetched either.

All in all this was a brilliantly entertaining, compelling read which had me hooked from the very first page. I needed to know what was going on, how Cameron and her brother, Nate fitted into it all and how they would defeat the bad guys, for there are some truly vicious people involved in this whole set up. I found myself fascinated by the whole concept, including all the little details like the dead drops across the city that Cameron and Ray had to follow to try and find vital evidence. In terms of characters you couldn’t ask for better and I have to be honest and say I grew quite fond of Ray, even if he wasn’t the all action hero he would like to be. Cameron is a brilliant protagonist, in the mould of characters like Steph Broadribb’s Lori Anderson and I could see her developing a great following if there was any chance of this book having a sequel. She’s a kick ass (literally) no-nonsense warrior of a woman which is always great to see.

Fast paced, full of action, mystery, thrills and inventive plotting, this book is highly entertaining and one of the best action novels I’ve read in a while. I’m a fan. More please.

About the Author

Born in Scotland, Andrew Reid worked as a research scientist for almost a decade, on projects including DNA synthesis, forensics, and drug development. His short fiction has featured in several anthologies published by fox spirit books and his fantasy novel serial on Wattpad amassed nearly 175,000 reads. The Hunter is his debut novel.

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