Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 20/01/18

So this week I have been writing. Sort of. Well, I’ve tried at least. Wheels kind of fell off the old reading bus a bit for various reasons but I did spend quite a lot of Saturday doing research and bashing the old keyboard in an attempt to record an idea I’d had while I could still remember it. It may not amount to much but hey. You have to try right?

Quite a productive week at work. Did my first presentation. Only a mini one but it seemed to go well enough. Not very exciting and to be fair, getting sign off that I needed was somewhat of a formality but there is still always a risk of an awkward question or moment, and not knowing my audience all that well yet adds a layer of jeopardy. Back for more this week with a far more complicated request so we will see how that goes, ha ha.

Aside from that, I really don’t think I’ve done anything of note, so here’s a cute cat picture to make you smile. Unless you’re a dog person. Then you’re out of luck …

So, book wise it’s been a good week. Received the copy of Red Snow that I ordered from Goldsboro Books with the lovey red edging – love it. Also received an arc of Where No Shadows Fall by Peter Ritchie off the lovely folk at Black and White Publishers and The Taking of Annie Thorne from Penguin Michael Joseph. Two books from Netgalley (both for tours) which were MJ Arlidge’s A Gift for Dying and Angela Marsons’ latest Kim Stone thriller, Dead Memories. I also received an advance arc of Inborn by Thomas Enger which I am loving. Only ordered the one book but I can’t tell you about it lol. I did order tickets to an event in Edinburgh next month though with Harriet Tyce, James Oswald and Ian Rankin. Should be pretty awesome!

Books I have read

Among The Ruins – Ausma Zehanat Khan

Esa Khattak wanted justice. Now he just needs to stay alive.

The murder of renowned political filmmaker, Zahra Sobhani, brings Esa Khattak’s cultural holiday in Iran to a sudden halt.

Dissidents are being silenced and Khattak’s mere presence in Iran is a risk. Yet when asked to unofficially investigate the activist’s death, he cannot resist. Soon, he finds himself embroiled in Iran’s tumultuous politics and under surveillance by the government.

When the trail leads back to Zahra’s family in Canada, Khattak calls upon his partner, Detective Rachel Getty, for help. As Khattak gets caught up in the fate of Iran’s political prisoners, Rachel sees through to the heart of the matter: Zahra’s murder may not have been quite what it seemed.

Steeped in suspense, Among the Ruins is a powerful, provocative mystery exploring the interplay of politics and religion, and the intensely personal ripple effects of one woman’s murder.

I really enjoyed this latest Khattak and Getty novel. Hard hitting and full of intrigue and tension is certainly taught me a lot about the political situation in Iran, something I’d not really been that aware of before. My review is up today so do take a look here. You can order a copy here.

Dead Memories – Angela Marsons

She ruined their lives. Now they’re going to destroy hers.

‘Someone is recreating every traumatic point in your life. They are doing this to make you suffer, to make you hurt and the only possible end game can be death. Your death.’

On the fourth floor of Chaucer House, two teenagers are found chained to a radiator. The boy is dead but the girl is alive. For 
Detective Kim Stone every detail of the scene mirrors her own terrifying experience with her brother Mikey, when they lived in the same tower block thirty years ago.

When the bodies of a middle-aged couple are discovered in a burnt-out car, Kim can’t ignore the chilling similarity to the deaths of Erica and Keith – the only loving parents Kim had ever known. 

Faced with a killer who is recreating traumatic events from her past, Kim must face the brutal truth that someone wants to hurt her in the worst way possible. Desperate to stay on the case, she is forced to work with profiler Alison Lowe who has been called in to observe and monitor Kim’s behaviour.

Kim has spent years catching dangerous criminals and protecting the innocent. But with a killer firmly fixed on destroying Kim, can she solve this complex case and save her own life or will she become the final victim?

The heart-stopping and totally addictive new crime thriller from multi-million copy number one bestseller Angela Marsons will have you completely hooked.

Oh my life.If you are a fan of the series then you are going to adore this book but I’m not going to tell you why. If you have not read any of the books then I urge you to start with literally any other book than this one as it will contain major spoilers. Perhaps that works for you and you’ll be more intrigued to go back and read the first books, but I think that what you need to enjoy this books to the max is understanding. You can preorder a copy here.

Inborn – Thomas Enger

When a murder takes place in a village high school a teenager finds himself subject to trial by social media … and in the dock. A taut, moving and chilling thriller by one of Nordic Noir’s most exceptional writers.

When the high school in the small Norwegian village of Fredheim becomes a murder scene, the finger is soon pointed at seventeen-year-old Even. As the investigation closes in, social media is ablaze with accusations, rumours and even threats, and Even finds himself the subject of an online trial as well as being in the dock … for murder?

Even pores over his memories of the months leading up to the crime, and it becomes clear that more than one villager was acting suspiciously … and secrets are simmering beneath the calm surface of this close-knit community.  As events from the past play tag with the present, he’s forced to question everything he thought he knew. Was the death of his father in a car crash a decade earlier really accidental? Has his relationship stirred up something that someone is prepared to kill to protect? It seems that there may be no one that Even can trust.

But can we trust him?

A taut, moving and chilling thriller, Inborn examines the very nature of evil, and asks the questions: How well do we really know our families? How well do we know ourselves?

I love Thomas Enger’s writing and I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I did the cover reveal for it what feels like a lifetime ago. It did not disappoint one bit. A wonderful mix of courtroom drama, mystery and even young adult styling, I was completely hooked. I’ll be reviewing as part of next month’s tour but in the meantime, order you own copy here. Ebook is out tomorrow!

I didn’t have the most prolific week on the blog. Recap, such as it is, below:

Perfect Match – Zoe May

A Rising Man – Abir Mukherjee

The Good Teacher – Rachel Sargeant

Another quiet week ahead. Blog tour for Among the Ruins by Ausma Zehanat Khan today, The Reach of Shadows by Tony J Forder, and a reshare of my review for The Puppet Show by MW Craven.

Have a fabulous week all. See you on the other side. Assuming I survive the second presentation … 😉


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    I’ll be that invisible presence sitting beside you in Edinburgh.
    Your comments have made me even MORE anxious to begin the Angela Marsons series with my “Marsons of the Month” #1 on the weekend.
    Hope next week treats you kindly. ♥

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