2018: A Year In Books – July – December

Continuing my look back at my reads of 2018, here are the books from the final six months. With a change of job, attempting NaNo, and generally just not feeling it, I read a lot less in the latter part of the year, but still made a fairly good total, all things considered. Here we go.


My top viewed post in July was the cover reveal for Inborn by Thomas Enger.
My top review post was Dancing on the Grave by Zoe Sharp.
I was also fortunate to be able to attend the Theakston’s Crime Festival in Harrogate during the month. Brilliant stuff.


My top viewed post in August was also my top viewed review post, Kiss of Death by Paul Finch.
My month was improved considerably by attending Bute Noir. Again, another fabulous festival if you get a change to attend. First weekend in August.


My top viewed post and also my top review post in September was After He Died by Michael J Malone.
September saw me take the now annual visit to Stirling for Bloody Scotland. Possibly my favourite festival of the year.


My top viewed post in October was the cover reveal for Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech.
My top review post was for The Righteous Spy by Merle Nygate.


A pretty quiet month for reading due to taking part in Nano. My top viewed post was also my top review post of The Infirmary by LJ Ross.


My top viewed posts have all been reflective posts. They included my review of the Orenda Books releases in 2018, Part One and Part Two; my regrets post, and my preview of Orenda’s 2019 releases.
My most viewed review post was Last Lullaby by Carol Wyer.

So there we have it. My year in books. It’s been a funny old year. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, but I did go through a bit of loss – my dog, my cat, my job – all in the space of a few months, so you’ll understand if I say I’m not sad to see the back of this year. That said, I’ve had wonderful support from friends, read some fabulous books, and have a new start in a fresh job with so much less pressure and stress that I’ve never felt more relaxed. Here’s looking to 2019.

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve planned, be it full of books or booze (or both). Have a brilliant day and I’ll see you next year …