The #Bookvent Countdown 2018: Day 21


My day twenty-one #bookvent selection will probably not come as a surprise to anyone being, as it is, one of a long running series which I absolutely adore. Set in Edinburgh, this police series combines everyday crimes with something a little … unusual, tapping into my two big loves of literature – crime thrillers and the supernatural. I found the series by accident but ever since reading book one I have been hooked, getting both my sister and a friend addicted in the process. And not only is the author a very talented writer, he’s pretty handy when it comes to farming, having a lovely collection of Coos and Sheep too. Yep – no shocks here I am sure, that my twenty-first #bookvent choice is …

The Gathering Dark

by James Oswald

The gripping new crime thriller in the highly acclaimed Inspector McLean series

A truck driver loses control in central Edinburgh, ploughing into a crowded bus stop and spilling his vehicle’s toxic load. The consequences are devastating.

DI Tony McLean witnesses the carnage. Taking control of the investigation, he soon realises there is much that is deeply amiss – and everyone involved seems to have something to hide.

But as McLean struggles to uncover who caused the tragedy, a greater crisis develops: the new Chief Superintendent’s son is missing, last seen in the area of the crash…

Brilliantly plotted and utterly compelling, this is the gripping new novel in the bestselling Inspector McLean series.

Now, I’ll be honest, it could have been either of the books that James Oswald released this year which made the top books list for me as both this one and No Time To Cry, his new series featuring Detective Constance Fairchild, were cracking reads. In fact my fellow blogger, Steph Rothwell over at Steph’s Book Blog has named it her book of the year. But as much as I loved the new series (which I did), I really am a sucker for old Tony McLean and this book in particular reminded me of exactly why. Whilst the case may seem a particularly sad but rather routine one, this book is full of tragedy, both the anticipated and the unexpected, and Tony and co find themselves in the middle of a world of conspiracy, lies and deceitful dealings which ultimately cost lives. There is also another element to the case, one which you will need to read to understand as I can’t explain it here without spoilers, but one which brings out all the twists and turns that I have loved about this series since book one. I love the way in which James Oswald makes the setting and the characters come to life, and you care deeply about what happens to them all. And the Edinburgh that he has imagined has an almost mystical feel to it – the people that inhabit this world, the likes of Madame Rose and even Mrs McCutcheon’s Cat, adding to the mystery and intrigue of what we are reading. Many elements of this case though are very real, and very possible, the devastating consequences of a massive crash in the centre of town being something we could all easily picture. James Oswald has managed to convey this sense of loss, of confusion and anger, perfectly, and the emotions which are felt while reading the book are often intense, especially that ending. With deliciously dark undertones, the ominous sense of menace which develops from the very start of the book, a story which hooks you with it’s very credible nature, and characters that you cannot help but root for, this is one series that keeps going from strength to strength. Love it.

If you’d like to read my full review of The Gathering Dark, (where I think I did a better job of explaining why it’s brilliant than I did here…) you can find it here. The book is available to purchase from the following retailers:

Amazon UKKobo | Waterstones

Happy #bookvent reading all


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