The #Bookvent Calendar 2018: Day 16


My sixteenth #bookvent choice was one I struggled over. Not because I was wondering whether to include it, more because the author of this particular story is so prolific and so talented that any one of the books they have released this year could have been “the one” to enter my list. This one, however, I think possibly just edged the other three – yes, that is three plus one = four books this year) to being my favourite read of this years offerings. It is quite unique in that it’s technically not a book … yet. I listened to the audio simply because it is an Audible Original release and the accompanying book will be released early next year. Precursor to the ling running series, it is still a book, of sorts, and it is still brilliant. My sixteenth #bookvent choice is …

The Infirmary

by LJ Ross

Introducing a new multicast drama by LJ Ross, the author of the international number one best-selling series the DCI Ryan mysteries. 

There’s a serial killer targeting the streets of Newcastle, seemingly picking his victims at random but subjecting them all to the same torturous end. When the Chief Inspector on the case goes missing, it falls on DCI Ryan to track down the man who is brutally murdering women and goading the police to ‘catch me if you can’. 

As everyone becomes a suspect, Ryan and his team get drawn further and further into the case, but for Ryan the nightmare gets closer to home than he could ever have imagined. 

This Audible Original drama stars Tom Bateman (Murder on the Orient Express, Jekyll & Hyde, Snatched), Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster, Les Misérables), Hermione Norris (Spooks, Cold Feet) and Kevin Whately (Lewis, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) and is a prequel to the DCI Ryan series.

I’m not kidding when I said I could have chosen any one of the four DCI Ryan releases this year as they have all been brilliant. From the explosive drama in the centre of Newcastle we witnessed in Seven Bridges, the hunt for a dangerous foe in Tuscany in The Hermitage, through to a grim discovery on the Farne Islands in Longstone, I’ve loved them all. But as a fan of the books, having the chance to see where it all began, with what is effectively a prequel to the whole series has really made my year. With an all star cast including Tom Bateman, Kevin Whately, Alun Armstrong and Hermione Norris, this was an audio drama/story of high calibre and yes – technically not a book (yet) but my bookvent, my rules and I don’t care. This is the story of how DCI Ryan and his team chased and captured the most heinous murderer that he will even meet and a person who will change Ryan’s life irrevocably. In spite of knowing the inevitable conclusion which was fast approaching, I was completely hooked. The way in which the story was brought to life by an incredible cast, the mix between the main action and the general narration, especially from the ‘Killer Narrator’, Bertie Carvel, was superb. His performance was absolutely chilling, but Kevin Whately, as Frank Phillips, was another highlight. He just was everything I imagined Frank to be. If you’ve never read any of the series this is a brilliant place to start. This marks the birth of the man that Ryan is set to become – the one we are going to love. The point at which his seemingly perfect life turns, and the story is emotive, chilling, scary, tense and just bloody fabulous. Everything a book can and should be. As soon as this is available in book book format, you can be sure I’ll be all over it. I only hope they do more like this audio drama, as I loved it.

If you’d like to read my full review of The Infirmary, you can find it here. You can buy yourself a copy from the following links.

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