The #Bookvent Calendar 2018: Day 10


My #bookvent choice today is yet another book that I listened to rather than read. It kept me and Mandie company on a trip up to Stirling and back earlier this year for the launch of Bloody Scotland and very good company it was too. I’d been drawn to the book after seeing it get really great reviews from my fellow bloggers Kate (aka The Quiet Knitter) and Mary (Live and Deadly), and after hearing the author speak at an event at Granite Noir including doing a reading from the book, I found myself immediately drawn to it.  Non-native, this new series of Nordic Noir features a protagonist who has a determination to succeed, not matter the hand fate deals her, and a unique characteristic which gave the book, and the story, an extra edge. Snow bound and full of dark mystery by day ten #bookvent choice is …

Dark Pines

by Will Dean


Eyes missing, two bodies lie deep in the forest near a remote Swedish town.


Tuva Moodyson, a deaf reporter on a small-time local paper, is looking for the story that could make her career.


A web of secrets. And an unsolved murder from twenty years ago.

Can Tuva outwit the killer before she becomes the final victim? She’d like to think so. But first she must face her demons and venture far into the deep, dark woods if she wants to stand any chance of getting the hell out of small-time Gavrik.

Why, oh why, oh why, did I take so long to read this book? What a plank. This book is everything i love in a thriller, chilling (figuratively and literally), dark and broodily atmospheric. Will Dean has created a world in which anything feels like it could happen and yet is steeped in reality that is both fearsome and mundane at the same time. And his protagonist, Tuva Moodyson – loved her. She has a slight disadvantage over those around her, but only slight, in that she is mostly deaf, reliant upon hearing aids to assist her in the things we take for granted. She doesn’t let this stop her, and why would she, but there are certain situations when relying upon non waterproof technology really doesn’t work in her favour. The way that Will Dean has built the tension in these scenes, and portrayed the heightening of Tuva’s remaining senses as a result, is quite brilliant. Rather than appearing weak, this girl is fierce, and you know from the very first scene in which we meet Tuva, that she and this book are going to be something special. With characters ranging from the businesslike to the bizarre and with a storyline which is both gruesome and in some ways almost mystical, I absolutely loved every minute of this book. Well … every minute apart from one that is. I’m not a huge fan of bugs and there is one scene at the end, quite vividly described to my mind, which had both me and Mandie grimacing and emitting and audible ewww as we listened. Aside from that little bit, it was fabulous. Definitely one you need to read. I can’t wait to read book two.

If you want to see my full thoughts on Dark Pines you can find my review here. The book is available to purchase through the following retailers:

Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Kobo ~ Waterstones 

Happy #bookvent reading all


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