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Today it is my great pleasure to be joining the blog tour for The Silk Road, the latest thriller from author Mark Leggatt. My thanks to Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group Tours for inviting me to join the tour. I have a fab extract from the book to share with you all, as soon as we’ve taken a look at what it is all about.

Ex-CIA technician Connor Montrose tracks two suspected terrorists to a deserted mountain village in Tuscany, where he witnesses an attack on a US Air Force troop plane, using a ground-breaking portable Surface to Air (SAM) missile. Unaware that the CIA were also monitoring the suspects, Montrose is blamed for the attack and narrowly escapes. The CIA receive orders from Washington to shoot him on sight, and a shadowy organisation begins to track his every move.

Then a spate of terror attacks threatens the fabric of NATO and the entire Western alliance. Civilian airlines are the new target, and the overwhelming evidence points to a CIA false flag plan to bring down aircraft and blame it on Moscow-backed terrorists. Montrose’s investigations lead him to underground arms sales on The Silk Road, the secret marketplace of the internet, hidden deep in the Dark Web. Montrose must assimilate himself into the society of the European aristocracy and the ultra-rich fascists, assisted by Kirsty Rhys, to pose as a middleman for the purchase of arms on The Silk Road and find the remaining cache of missiles. Montrose uncovers the layers of duplicity between governments and arms dealers, leading first to the CIA in Rome, and eventually to the palaces of the last Russia Tsar and the new oligarchs. Montrose must discover the remaining cache of missiles before the CIA catch up with him, and before carnage is unleashed over the skies of Europe.

The Silk Road

by Mark Leggatt

A fast yacht on the med …

“I’m only doing this for you,” said Kirsty, and rubbed sunscreen into her thighs. “I hope you’re grateful.” She arched her back and spread her arms over the stern of the boat.

Montrose poked his head out of the cabin, his eyes level with the deck, which thrummed with the two engines running at full speed.

She laughed when a spray of water burst over the deck and threatened to pitch her off the stern. “This is extreme sunbathing. How long do I have to keep this up for?”

“Kirsty, come inside,” said Montrose.

“No way,” she replied. “I’ve always wanted to do this, just not at this fucking speed.” She wiped the seawater from her face. “Anyway, I’m not being hunted by every satellite above the Mediterranean. You hide down there and I’ll distract the operators. With boobies.”

“I can see the coast,” shouted Priti. “I’ll take her into port.” She looked down. “Stay out of sight,” she said, and leaned back on the throttle. “I don’t want to come in too fast. We are supposed to be rich layabouts cruising the Med, and I’m coming in like the commandos at Juno Beach.”

Kirsty stood and walked back to the wheelhouse. “Talking of commandos, unless you have some underwear on board, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.”

“All taken care of,” said Priti. “There’s a change of clothes in the cabin.”

Kirsty waved at the sky. “Hello, I’m just a naked rich bimbo arriving in Monaco, and not in any way about to start shooting people. Maybe. Connor, throw me a towel. And some dry clothes.”

Montrose grabbed a bag with jeans and deck shoes and pushed it out of the door towards her. The roar of the engines gradually subsided, and from the edge of the wheelhouse he glimpsed trees above a rocky beach and could hear traffic from the coastal motorway.

Kirsty shouted down into the cabin. “Hey, Mr. Pilgrim, you weren’t winding us up, were you? There really is a spy satellite up there?”

“I can’t be certain,” he replied, “But when the CIA orders all available resources to search the area, that includes surveillance. My sources tell me that they have redirected the satellite missions since the first attack. They will be looking for Montrose in all modes of transport. But I’m sure you gave them the impression that this was purely a leisure craft.”

“I hope so,” she replied, “Since I’ve just spent the last four hours going across the Med like a dolphin with its arse on fire while half-naked and clinging on for dear life. Mind you, I’m going to have a cracking tan.”

Oh … I don’t know about you lot but that’s got me intrigued. If you’d like to read more (I will be), you can find the book at the following link:


About the Author

Mark Leggatt was born in Lochee, Dundee and lives in Edinburgh. A former specialist in Disaster Recovery for oil companies and global banks, his career has taken him around Europe, especially Paris, where he lived for a number of years. History and modern global conspiracy lie at the heart of his work, and are the backdrop for the adventures of CIA technician Connor Montrose. Leggatt is a member of the Crime Writers Association in the UK, and the International Thriller Writers in the USA.

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