The #Bookvent Calendar 2018: Day 3


My third #bookvent read is one which came as a bittersweet kind of deal. It had me desperate to read it and yet apprehensive about starting as I knew that once I did there was no going back. This book, you see, was the last in a series of five books about a protagonist I had only really just met but had come to love very quickly. His life marred with tragedy, he only ever wanted to find out the truth and yet this journey caused more pain than you could imagine. Bidding an emotional farewell, my third #bookvent choice is …


by Thomas Enger

Crime reporter Henning Juul thought his life was over when his young son was murdered. But that was only the beginning…

Determined to find his son’s killer, Henning doggedly follows an increasingly dangerous trail, where dark hands from the past emerge to threaten everything. His ex-wife Nora is pregnant with another man’s child, his sister Trine is implicated in the fire that killed his son and, with everyone he thought he could trust seemingly hiding something, Henning has nothing to lose … except his own life.

Packed with tension and unexpected twists, Killed is the long-awaited finale of one of the darkest, most chilling and emotive series you may ever read. Someone will be killed. But who?

Well … what can I say? This book opens up in truly dramatic style with our hero, Henning Juul, in mortal danger. We greet him at the end of his sad and yet necessary journey, and end which may well cost him his life. I have seen many books in which the prologue ends on a cliffhanger which has the reader begging for more and the prologue of Killed is every bit as tantalising and nerve wrecking as they come. What follows are the final few days which lead up to this nail biting end, full of emotional discovery, highly charged action and a few elements of story which will make you weep. Yes, the story has dark elements to it – Henning lost his son in a house fire and he wants to know the truth. Getting a confession about this came to be was never going to be easy. And yet the surprising but brilliant way in which Thomas Enger pulls all of the threads which have been left trailing throughout the four books together, gives the reader a sad, but satisfying conclusion to Henning’s story. So yes – I am very sad there will be no more Henning and I shall have to go back and read the series from the start to get my fix. But by golly, this was a cracking book and if you want to know why then I suggest you go and read the series from book one. You know it makes sense. 

You can read my review of Killed, book five in the Henning Juul series here, and it is available from the following retailers:

Happy #bookvent reading all