#Bookvent 2018 – The time is nigh …

Yes folks – it is that time of the year again where I attempt (and typically fail) to name my favourite books of the year. I have long ago given up trying to name just a top ten, or even a top fifteen. I mostly struggle to name a favourite of favourites at all, and this year is no different. Much like in 2017, I will be holding back on three titles while I think about which of them is my absolute must read of the year as all three are brilliant but so very different and I loved them for very different reasons.

In case you haven’t seen what my #bookvent is all about, each year I take my five star reads and look back over the list, trying to pick out which are the very best my reading year had to offer. To help me narrow the list down, my criteria is as follows:

  • The book must have been published (in ebook, hardback, paperback or, for the first time this year, audiobook) in 2018 to qualify.
  • If they have been awarded my Red Hot Reads badge they automatically qualify, regardless of what other books are in the list. Incidentally, I have awarded exactly 10 RHR awards this year, so guess which books are making up my top then …?
  • There is no rhyme or reason to the way the books inside or outside of the top ten are listed – it is mostly either reading order or publication date based on what order I copied them down from my Goodreads list.

I love my books and narrowing down this list has been so hard as it wasn’t until I started looking back through my reading list for 2018 that I realised just how many brilliant books I have been privileged to read. I’ve also missed out on reading some brilliant books too, so I’m likely to end up posting a regrets post as well as a most anticipated post, just as I did last year. 

Although I predominantly read crime and thriller books, it is probably a testament to the quality of books out there this year that the first two days of #bookvent are dedicated to books which are not remotely crime related. In fact, 5 out of the twenty five, including two in my top ten, are none-crime fiction books. Three of them even made me cry. Proper snot bubbles and everything in one case …

I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks as I look back over my favourite reads. Who knows. Maybe you’ll find your next #blooklove in amongst them.


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