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Today I am delighted to share my review of Snowy Nights at the Lonely Hearts hotel by Karen King. My thanks go to publishers Bookouture for the advance copy for review. Here is what it’s about:

snatlhhAbout the Book

Snowy rooftops, mulled wine, and a hot single dad. Not the Christmas Saffy wished for… but maybe the one she needs?

Twenty-nine year old Saffron Baxter knew her holiday plans didn’t stand a chance the moment her sister called to say she was stuck abroad with no hope of being home before Christmas. Saffy would just have to abandon thoughts of wild festive parties in the city and head down to remote Cornwall.

Because every year her sister hosts a huge Christmas meal for all the single parents in her village. And Saffy knows it’d break her heart to let them down.

Arriving as snow starts to fall over the thatched cottages of the little harbour town of Port Breok, she meets Logan – the tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, devoted single dad who lives next door, with his adorable daughter Chloe. At first she thinks he might help her make Christmas Day extra-memorable, but he just seems convinced she’ll never manage – that she’s just a party girl who doesn’t care about Christmas, or anyone’s feelings.

Maybe he’s right. After all – she doesn’t want to settle down, she’s only there for a few days… But she’s still determined to do her sister proud with gorgeous decorations, the most beautiful real tree – complete with extra twinkly lights, and delicious mince pies. To make it a Christmas everyone will remember, especially little Chloe. Even if, when the mistletoe comes down, she knows she’ll probably never see Logan again…

The perfect festive romance novel, ideal for fans of Nora Roberts, Jenny Hale and Debbie Macomber.

Okay. So. When I started reading this book, I wasn’t exactly over enamoured with the central character Saffron Baxter (Saffy). I mean, she was nice enough, a career minded girl with ambition, something to be applauded. But when her sister called to say that she was stuck abroad with two very ill children, asking for Saffy’s help to run a community Christmas dinner at the Bed and Breakfast in Cornwall … well let’s just say Saffy wasn’t over struck with the idea and her almost childish reaction as to all the things and fun she would miss meant I wasn’t overly struck on her. Where was her Christmas spirit? Her charitable nature? Her warm heart?

But then this is really the crux of this book as throughout the whole thing there is a recurring theme of misunderstanding. Of people misinterpreting others actions and of taking things completely the wrong way. Because Saffy does put her life on hold and head to Cornwall, albeit with the intention of spending as little time as possible there before heading back to her own sparkling social life, but credit where it is due, she intends to create a beautiful Christmas for all of the single parent families her sister had invited to dinner. What she doesn’t count on is meeting Logan, her sister’s across the road neighbour and father to a wonderful daughter, Chloe.

Now I said that I wasn’t immediately struck on Saffy, which is true. But as the story progressed I really did warm to her. She is fun, dedicated to her friends and family, even if she can’t aways show that to her own sister, and she does have a really big heart hidden under all that corporate glitz and ambition. And it’s creative ambition to be fair, one which puts her in good stead with the locals and for creating that perfect Christmas. The more time you spend with her, the more you understand what is driving her and the secrets she is hiding, the more you find yourself falling in love with her character. Well her and Logan to be fair, who along with little Chloe will melt anyone’s heart. Now there is a clear instant attraction between the two but, as always in these books, the path of true love never runs smoothly, and through frustrations, sometimes comic and often romantic situations, you know they will be perfect together but wonder if it will ever truly happen.

There are some fabulous supporting characters in this book and I really did like Saffy’s best friend Robbie, who makes an unexpected appearance at the B&B after a pre Christmas break up with his partner Duncan. He is a character who keeps Saffy grounded in his own inimitable way but he is fun and fills the story with laughter, even if he is personally feeling the pain. You want him to get his perfect Christmas and find yourself hoping that Saffy can work her magic on him and Duncan too.

It’s not all romance and laughter though and there are some difficult moments as Logan finds himself faced with the prospect of losing Chloe when her mother reappears in quite demanding style. The emotions here, felt by Logan, the uncertainty tempered against Chloe’s excitement at seeing her mother over Christmas, are captured perfectly and will make your heart break just a little, knowing there is no right answer in the decisions Logan needs to make.

Fun, romantic and full of the joys of the season, this is a book which will engage you, energise you and maybe make you just that little bit more excited about the festivities to come. I really enjoyed it.

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About the Author

Karen King was born in Birmingham and has always enjoyed reading and writing. A multi-published author of children’s books and romantic fiction, her rom-com The Cornish Hotel by the Sea became an international Amazon bestseller. She is delighted to now be part of the Bookouture team.

She now lives in Spain and intends to spend her time writing romances while her husband, Dave, grows vegetables and tends to the zillions of fruit trees on their land – when she isn’t sunbathing or swimming in the pool, that is. ~ Twitter

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