Rewind, recap: Weekly round up w/e16/09/18


Do you like the view? Picture was taken while I was on a walk around Erddig which is a National trust property just outside of Wrexham, about an hour from where I live. Typically, as is normal for me, I have never been before, but this week I managed to make use of the last bits of good weather, courtesy of Mandie and her other half, Ivor, and finally paid a visit. Wonderful woodland and riverside walk, which Mandie’s dog Holly, now renamed Blog-Dog, thoroughly enjoyed, and it was lovely to look around the house too (although less lovely to hear of all the exhibits which have been stolen in recent weeks.)

Little Rory is settling in nicely and she and Luna have found they do actually like each other after all. This is good for them, less good for me when they both decide to have a mad half hour chasing up and downstairs, but rather that than the alternative. Do love my little loony kitties.

Are they not just too cute for words?

No book post this week. In fact, no real post at all. This means no unexpected bills so I’m not complaining. Picked up a few books out and about though so I’ve not gone empty handed. Netgalley saw me pick up two new ARCs – In A House of Lies by Ian Rankin and Down To The Woods by MJ Arlidge.

A few new Amazon purchases too because I am unable to stop myself. Our Little Lies by Sue Watson; Last Night by Helen Phifer; False Witness by Michelle Davies; You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke; Into The Darkness by Sibel Hodge; and A Book Of Bones by John Connolly.

Books I have read

lLoner – Hildur Sif Thorarensen

Which is worse, trying to catch a cunning killer leaving decapitated women in the woods, or trying to tame an unconventional forensic psychiatrist that seems determined to go his own way?

The Oslo autumn is creeping in with its cold spells and Homicide Detective Julia Ryland is feeling pretty content with her team of three, but when the FBI behavioral analyst, Alexander Smith, is thrust upon her, the crisp autumn air doesn’t feel as refreshing anymore. A young Icelander is found dead, an arrow piercing his heart and the extensive list of his former lovers suggests that many long nights are ahead. The murdered lothario suddenly becomes the least of their problems as headless corpses start appearing in the woods, positioned in terrifying ways and on their bodies they find messages that don’t seem to have any meaning at all.

Book one in the series, it took me a little time to get used to the narrative styling in this one. An intriguing story but perhaps needed a little clearer translation as some of the phrasing didn’t work so well in English. Two good characters to lead the book though so I’ll be interested to see where the author takes this. You can read my review here and buy the book here.

dttwDown to the Woods – MJ Arlidge

There is a sickness in the forest. First, it was the wild horses. Now it’s innocent men and women, hunted down and murdered by a faceless figure. Lost in the darkness, they try to flee, they try to hide. In desperation, they call out for help. But there is no-one to hear their cries here…

DI Helen Grace must face down a new nightmare. The arrow-ridden victims hang from the New Forest’s ancient oaks, like pieces of strange fruit. Why are helpless holidaymakers being targeted in peak camping season? And what do their murders signify? Is a psychopath stalking the forest? Is there an occult element to the killings? Could the murders even be an offering to the Forest itself? Helen must walk into the darkness to discover the truth behind her most challenging, most macabre case yet.

I love this series and Helen Grace has to be one of my favourite characters. The pacing in this book did seem a touch slower to me, perhaps given the break neck speed of the last book in which all the action took place over a single day, but given the nature of the story, I’d have expected a little more pace. That said, I still loved it and there is an interesting new character who looks set to spice up, or perhaps cool down, Helen’s life a bit. You can order a copy of the book here and my review is imminent.

fwFalse Witness – Michelle Davies

7.15am: Two children are seen on top of a wall in a school. 
Shortly later one of them lies fatally injured at the bottom. 
Did the boy fall or was he pushed?

As a family liaison offer, DC Maggie Neville has seen parents crumble under the weight of their child’s death. Imogen Tyler is no different. Her son’s fall was witnessed by the school caretaker, a pupil is under suspicion, and Imogen is paralysed by grief and questions.

For Maggie, finding the truth is paramount if she is to help the mother. But as she investigates, further doubts emerge and the truth suddenly seems far from certain. Could the witness be mistaken about what happened, and if he is, then who is responsible? And how far will they go to cover up the boy’s death?

False Witness by Michelle Davies is the gripping third novel in the critically acclaimed Maggie Neville series, following Gone Astray and Wrong Place.

This is the first book I have read by this author but it’s the third in the series. Reads perfectly well as a standalone though and I did enjoy my time in the company of Maggie Neville and co. A traumatic case which turns from a potential accidental death into something far more sinister. You’ll be able to read my review later this week as part of the tour and you can order a copy of the book here.

That was it for me this week. I am part way through another book which I’ll likely tell you all about next week. My time has been mostly spent going to interviews, learning how to use a slow-cooker (don’t ask) and making low fat, low sugar trifles using an array of alternative ingredients. Oh and trying not to trip over a kitten. Slower week on the blog too with only three posts. Recap below:

In The Silence by M.R. Mackenzie

The Night She Died by Jenny Blackhurst

Loner by Hildur Sif Thorarensen

A little bit more on this week with a few more tours on the go. First up it’s Mandie’s turn to tell us all about The Tattoo Thief by Alison Belsham; I am on the tours for Michelle Davies’ False Witness; The Lion Tamer Who Lost by Louise Beech; The Proposal by SE Lynes. Mandie rounds off the week with a review of The After Wife by Cass Hunter. Hope you can join us.

More interviews this week which I guess is a good thing. Plus I’m going on a little journey at the weekend which I am very excited about but more on that in next weeks post. Hoping to cram in a few books this week, just for a change but either way I’ll be back next Monday.

Have a fabulous week everyone.



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    1. Thank you. Love my kitties. They drive me batty but they’re too cute to be mad at. And we’ve decided to adopt Holly as official blog dog. She refuses to write reviews but will happily go for walks and appear in round up posts 😉

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    1. It really is delicious and so simple too. Sugar free jelly crystals with some fruit if you like. Leave to set. I covered mine with fat free vanilla Skyr yogurt as the custard layer although you can use vanilla custard yogurts with a little gelatine in to thicken, and then fat free fromage frais with a little sweetener stirred in to take the sharp edge off. You could use the vanilla Skyr as the cream layer if you use the vanilla custard yogurts instead. I crumbled a few mini meringue pieces on the top. Totally yummy.

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