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Today it is my great pleasure to be taking part in the blog tour for Deepest Wounds, the latest book in the Craig McIntyre series by Gordon Brown. A massive thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me to join the tour and to the author for providing the book for review. Here is what the book is all about.

dwAbout the Book

The past is a dangerous place. Craig McIntyre’s mere presence removes people s inhibitions and turns their darkest thoughts into actions. As Craig McIntyre tries to escape bounty hunters from the Dark Web, he discovers that his details are linked to a clandestine government project. Might it hold answers to his past as well as dangers for the present? Back on the run in North America, McIntyre hooks up with some unlikely allies. But can he trust them any more than those who want to use him to shape the future…and to further their personal ambitions? Have those behind Factor really given up on their pursuit of him? Or is McIntyre being reeled in with some politically toxic bait? McIntyre is the key to an explosive secret that could change mankind forever.

Book 3 in the series that begins with Darkest Thoughts, one of The Reading Agency’s BOOKS OF THE YEAR, 2017. Conspiracy thriller. Book 3 in the mind-bending Craig McIntyre series. Book 1: Darkest Thoughts. Book 2: Furthest Reaches. 

Well … This book certainly opens up in style. This is the first book I have read in this series (I know, I know), and I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t that. The story begins with our hero, Craig McIntyre, in a somewhat … compromised position. All is not entirely as it seems but it definitely makes for an adrenalin pumping start and the pace rarely lets up from there.

In hiding with his best friend and seemingly only ally, Charlie, Craig McIntyre is trying to find out the truth behind his secret skill, both how it works and how to control it. But it seems that no matter how careful they may think they have been, how far off grid they think they have gone, every contact leaves a trace and their whereabouts are compromised by a very unlikely source. Forced to go on the run once more, they begin to follow a trail which may lead them to the truth, but at what price? What ensues is a cat and mouse chase of massive proportions, a cross Atlantic voyage and and ending that will leave you holding your breath and desperate for more. Loved it.

Now for the uninitiated i.e. me, the first thing you need to know is that Craig McIntyre is no ordinary ex-soldier. He has a special talent, one which makes him very desirable and also very deadly. It is no ordinary skill – he’s no plan sharp shooter or street fighter, though there is no doubting he has this ability as a back up too. His talent is more … unique. It put me in mind of a kind of marriage of X-Men and Universal Soldier, with an X-Files Cancer Man conspiracy vibe, that I really, really enjoyed. If you haven’t read the first two books then there is enough of a recap in Deepest Wounds to allow you to catch up, although the uniqueness of McIntyre’s skill did take me a little while to get my head around. That said, it also contains info which could provide spoilers to earlier books so I suggest you start at the beginning and work your way through from there like any sane and rational person would.

I have never been accused of being either of those things and so I started with Book 3 (of course I did). And I am glad I did as I have now been introduced to a series which I a) want to go back and catch up on and b) can’t wait to read more of. I was immediately drawn into the story, the action told in first person from McIntyre’s point of view. And McIntyre is a character I liked pretty much straight away. Yes, he is a man with a few, how should I put it, issues, and, yes, he is a killing machine, and yet there is something about him that I instinctively liked. I don’t know what. Perhaps it is the kind of blend of good guy/bad guy vibe you get from him blended with a clear sense of loyalty and also compassion. I was certainly very intrigued as to where his story was going to lead, and believe me it was a very, very interesting journey.

In terms of supporting characters, Charlie is another one I loved straight away. His loyalty to McIntyre is admirable and although he is less present in the story itself for varying reasons, the simplicity of the interactions between the pair, the nature of their banter and their instinctive reactions, make them a brilliant pairing. add into this mix the more eccentric characters such as Artie who McIntyre meets on his travels, and his fellow soldier and brother in ‘most-random-arms-a-soldier-is-ever-equipped-with’ Martyn and you have a great team to lead you through the action.

Now, although predominantly set in North America, the book does take you on a somewhat unexpected journey across the Atlantic. Given that I started reading the book on the Ferry back to mainland UK from Bute Noir, seeing the action move to the West Coast of Scotland did produce a wee smile or two on my long journey back home. It certainly made the travel seem remarkably quick though as I was lost in the fast paced action and the need to know just what was happening and how it would all play out. There is a brilliant blend of both action and reflection. Of moments where McIntyre and co are fighting for their lives and fighting for justice, but also where McIntyre becomes consumed by his past, of all that he has lost and all he still stands to lose. It made for a truly compelling, fast paced and action laden read that left me wanting to read more.

And the ending? Well it leaves you with a promise of so much more to come and I, for one, cannot wait. But I shall use the intervening time wisely, and catch up on all that I have missed so far. I reckon it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

If, like me, you like character and plot driven action, high stakes tension, fast pacing and undeniable thrills, but perhaps with a story that tends towards a more atypical angle, then you need to give this book, this series, a read. You’re going to like it.

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About the Author

gbGordon has been writing since his teens and has six crime thrillers published – his latest, Deepest Wounds, being the third in the Craig McIntyre series, is out now.
Gordon helped found Bloody Scotland – Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival and lives in Scotland. He’s married with two children. Gordon once quit his job in London to fly across the Atlantic to be with his future wife. He has also delivered pizzas in Toronto, sold non alcoholic beer in the Middle East, launched a creativity training business called Brain Juice and floated a high tech company on the London Stock Exchange.
He almost had a toy launched by a major toy company, has an MBA, loves music, is a DJ on local radio, compered the main stage at a two-day music festival and was once booed by 49,000 people while on the pitch at a major football Cup Final.

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