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Back to Mandie who has a blog blitz review of Murder by the Broads by Anthony Tamiozzo. Thanks to Sarah Hardy of Bloodhound for inviting us to join the tour. Here is what the book is all about.

MBTBAbout the Book

Meet DS Adam Burnt, a troubled man who has his work cut out. While at a crime scene he is informed of another murder. But Burnt is also having problems at home. He suspects his wife is having an affair. 

As the clues unfold DS Burnt begins a game of cat and mouse.

What links the two murders to a doctor and a psychiatric hospital?

Trying to juggle his personal life and the job, Burnt must navigate Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas to catch a killer and stop a vicious gang.

DS Adam Burnt has recently transferred to the Norfolk police force in an attempt to start afresh with his family after believing his wife had been unfaithful. Determined to do his job to the best of his ability there are times when his home life becomes an afterthought. He has had a few issues settling in partially down to his lack of knowledge of the area and partially down to the animosity shown by DS Griffin who is determined to get the vacant DI position and is not overly bothered on the tactics he uses to get there.

DS Burnt along with DC James Ashley head an investigation into the deaths of two boys within close timeframes and locations which look very much like a fight that had fatal consequences. Due to an unfortunate incident involving one of the victims, DS Burnt finds himself having to share the investigations with DS Griffin. Griffin appears to be quick to jump to conclusions and take the easy route to solving the case where Burnt is convinced there is more to it. When a house fire results in another murder, his time is stretched even further as witnesses appear to be relevant to both cases. Is it just coincidence or are all these deaths linked to one issue?? The further he investigates the more he is concerned on who he can trust….especially when it looks like one of their own is deliberately trying to sabotage the investigations.

I will admit that at first I struggled to deal with the way the story jumped from one case to the other and I was not sure of the relevance of some of the characters as their introduction seemed a bit random,. That being said I am glad that I persevered. The book soon picks up pace and the things that confused me at the start began to make sense. DS Burnt may not have been the most popular person within the station but his determination to solve the case and the trust and loyalty of his colleague DC Ashley had me warming to him by the end of the book.

This is the first novel by Anthony Tamiozzo and it will be interesting to see if there is more in store for DS Burnt and DC Ashley. If you are looking for a book that will challenge you and make you think, this is one for you.

About the Author


Anthony Tamiozzo was born in Derby and raised in Great Yarmouth. He moved to Aberdeenshire around 2007 with his wife and two kids. He has the day job of a software engineer.

His spare time, when not hill-running, tearing down a mountain on a bike, or coaching his boys football team, he is writing about where he grew up.

He knows people who died or was killed because of drugs all in the unassuming town of Great Yarmouth, which continues to inspire his ideas.

His real name is Ant Wilson but adopted his father’s Italian surname for his writing pseudonym. His favourite writer is Elmore Leonard.

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