Rewind, recap: Weekly update w/e 08/07/18

There has been an all important debate raging over on Faceplant, started by one Lucy V Hay author. Which is the correct way to eat a Cream Tea? Jam first or cream. In the interest of research and getting to the heart of the matter, I decided I needed to trial both methods myself and indulged undertook a very difficult and challenging experiment over the weekend using both methods of accompaniment application. Following comprehensive tests which involved having to not only operate a knife but also eat both halves of said scone I have come to the conclusion that there is only one true way to successfully prepare a cream tea …

Scone first.

Anything else is just jam and cream on a plate and scones are not good for dipping…

Went for a bit of a walk on Sunday to make the most of the good weather. Saw some unusually large plants and tree fungus but came to the general conclusion that Shropshire isn’t looking too shabby at the moment. Dry, unbelievably so, but not shabby. Needed to do this as may have over indulged on Saturday too with a trip to the Little Dessert Shop in Shrewsbury. Whoopsie. I have been a good blogger lately though so I (probably) earned it.

Any way. Back to the books. Fantabulous week this week. So much going on I have no idea how to remember it all. Some fabulous book post this week and no mistake. First up I received a copy of Perfect Silence by Helen Field from Avon UK including some rather natty worry dolls. Love it. As if that wasn’t lovely enough I got a copy of Strangers on a Bridge by the lovely Louise Mangos from HQ Digital. I also received my signed copy of Stuart MacBride’s latest work of wonder, The Blood Road from Goldsboro booksSo yes. I am a happy bunny.

On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Orion On Tour event in Birmingham where I had a lovely chat with fellow bloggers and Sam Eades of Orion, as well as picking up one or two books. They were a collection of extracts from upcoming Orion releases, Sleeper 13 by Rob Sinclair; History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund; Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and Hometown Tales: Midlands by Kerry Young and Carolyn Sanderson.


Getting home from the event, warm, tired but happy, I was suddenly wide awake as while I had been at work and play, the book post fairy had called again (post man) and left me a lovely parcel from Orenda Books. This is one of my most awaited reads of 2018 and I was ecstatic. So much so i started reading it right away. Palm Beach Finland by the very talented and funny Antti Tuomainen. Antti’s last book, The Man Who Died was probably my favourite read of 2017. I had high hopes … It did not disappoint. Surprisingly enough, reading the book may have inspired some additional stationery purchases over the weekend too …

And … because I am apparently destined to be the most spoiled blogger in bloggerdom (well my house anyway) when I got home from my visit to the Dessert shop on Saturday I found two parcels waiting for me containing various goodies from the lovely Rachel Abbott for taking part in and winning the writing challenge earlier this year. Come a Little Closer to Tom Douglas? Well who am I to say no 😉 Don’t you just love the pens and the little handcuffs.n They’re going to start quite a discussion hanging off my office keys …

What a week… And that’s not all as I may have gone a little nuts on the old book buyage too. A few pre-orders (they don’t count) a few recently released books (they do) and a coo calendar for 2019. It’s not books but it is cool – see?

Books I bought/preordered:

The Birthday by Carol Wyer; Cold Bones by David Mark; Red Snow by Will Dean; Brothers in Blood by Amer Anwar; Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb; Beton Rouge by Simone Buccholz; Inborn by Thomas Enger; Changeling by Matt Wesolowski; The Proposal by SE Lynes; The Wife Before Me by Laura Elliot; Her final Hour by Carla Kovach; Guilty Little Secrets by Rona Halsall; The Forgotten by Casey Kelleher; The Perfect Friend by Barbara Copperthwaite; Gone to Ground by Rachel Amphlett and Death on the Coast by Bernie Steadman.

Books from Netgalley/Author direct

Kiss of Death by Paul Finch; The Hangman’s Hold by Michael Wood; Deepest Wounds by Gordon Brown and Savage Lies by Peter Boland.

Books I have read

SFSnowflake – Heide Goody & Iain Grant

Lori Belkin has been dumped. By her parents.

They moved out while she was away on holiday, and now, at the tender age of twenty-five, she’s been cruelly forced to stand on her own two feet.

While she’s getting to grips with basic adulting, Lori magically brings to life the super-sexy man she created from celebrity photos as a teenager.

Lori learns very quickly that having your ideal man is not as satisfying as it ought to be and that being an adult is far harder than it looks.

Snowflake is a story about prehistoric pets, delinquent donkeys and becoming the person you want to be, not the person everyone else expects you to be.

Oh how I laughed at this one – you can find out how later in the week when I take part in the tour. I also have a great guest post from the authors on writing as a duo. This is a hilarious look at life as a post education millennial. If there is something that can go wrong, Lori will find it. You can bag yourself a copy of this gem here.

pbf:jpgPalm Beach Finland – Antti Tuomainen

Sex, lies and ill-fitting swimwear … Sun Protection Factor 100

Jan Nyman, the ace detective of the covert operations unit of the National Central Police, is sent to a sleepy seaside town to investigate a mysterious death. Nyman arrives in the town dominated by a bizarre holiday village – the ‘hottest beach in Finland’. The suspect: Olivia Koski, who has only recently returned to her old hometown. The mission: find out what happened, by any means necessary.

With a nod to Fargo, and dark noir, Palm Beach, Finland is both a page-turning thriller and a black comedy about lust for money, fleeing dreams and people struggling at turning points in their lives – chasing their fantasies regardless of reason.

I have been waiting patiently for this one. When I say patiently I mean amusing myself doing other things wondering when it will be out and when it will be mine. Answer – later this year and now. Oh my gosh. This is excellent. Very excellent. All the wit and wonder which made The Man Who Died my book of the year in 2017. Plus (inflatable) flamingoes. Who doesn’t love flamingoes? You can pre-order a copy here. I highly recommend that you do.

Did I mention I had a great week? Too great it seems as I got bollox all reading done. Ah well. I am on a deliberate go slow (apparently). I will do better this week. I blame the heat. Blogging wise I was fairly quiet as well with a few reviews and a stunning cover reveal.

The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware

A Summer Scandal by Kat French

#GuestReview: Felicity at the Cross Hotel by Helena Fairfax

Cover Reveal – Inborn – Thomas Enger & Orenda Books

How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt

Gone to Ground by Rachel Amphlett

I’m a bit busier this week with quiet a few guest posts from Mandie (bless her taking up the slack while I’m on a go-slow/no-go). Blog tours for A Patient Fury by Sarah Ward, Happily Never After by Emma Robinson, Snowflake by Heide Goody and Iain Grant and Dancing on the Grave by Zoe Sharp.

Have a fabulous week all. I am hoping for more of the sun but less of the humidity as I don’t know about you guys, but this is killing me right now. If I wasn’t already taking it easy I would be as I am grinding to a halt with the heat. Loving the sun, hating the fact that we are British so we can’t do dry heat instead. them’s the breaks.

I understand there is still some kind of football competition taking place in Russia if you are that way inclined. For those who are not (=me) may your week be full of bookish wonder.See you on the other side.


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