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Today it is my great pleasure to be joining the blog tour for A Summer Scandal by Kat French. My thanks to Sabah Khan from Avon for inviting me to join the tour. I have a great extract from the book to share with you all in just a moment but first up, let’s take a look at what it’s all about shall we?

assAbout the Book

Summer has never been so scandalous…

When Violet moves to Swallow Beach, she inherits a small Victorian pier with an empty arcade perched on the end of it, and falls in love immediately. She wants nothing more than to rejuvenate it and make it grand again – but how?

When she meets hunky Calvin, inspiration strikes. What if she turned the arcade into an adult-themed arcade full of artisan shops?

Not everyone in the town is happy with the idea, but Violet loves her arcade and business begins to boom. But as tensions worsen and the heat between her and Calvin begins to grow, life at Swallow Beach becomes tricky. Is it worth staying to ride out the storm? And can Violet find her own happy ending before the swallows fly south for the winter?

Sexy, sassy and full of heart, Kat French is back in a new summer sizzler.

A Summer Scandal

by Kat French

Violet stared at the spikily handwritten letter from her recently deceased beloved Grandpa Henry, unsure what it all meant. She’d heard of Swallow Beach, of course, from a couple of old photographs and the very occasional reminiscence when her mother had had a glass or two of wine, but as far as she knew it was part of her family’s history, not present.

She glanced up towards the house, aware her mother was up there in the kitchen right now reading her own letter from Henry, probably explaining all of this to her too. He’d lived in the Victorian villa next door for as long as Violet could remember; her family’s connection to Swallow Beach lay in the past, a lifetime ago. Another read through of the letter did little to shed any light, so Violet sighed and let herself out of her workshop at the end of her mum’s garden and made her way up to the house in search of answers.


There was no sign of her mum in the kitchen, nor on further exploration in the living room, dining room or study. Frowning, Violet called out again, running her hand over the familiar curve of the smooth mahogany handrail as she headed upstairs.

‘I’m up here.’

Violet tracked her mother’s voice to the small, twisting attic stairs.

‘In the attic?’ she called, even though there was no need because the sound of something being dragged overhead made it clear. ‘What are you doing up there?’

Like most people, her parents used their small eaves room for storage. Childhood toys that were too precious for Violet to part with, suitcases that only saw the light of day a couple of times each year, shelves full of dusty school projects and old CDs. And sitting in the middle of it all on the bare board floor, Della, Violet’s mum, pulling old photograph albums and yellowed paperwork out of a large, blue-and-white-striped cardboard storage box.

‘I’m guessing this has something to do with Grandpa Henry’s letter?’

‘Silly old goat,’ her mum muttered without looking up. ‘I can’t believe he never told me he hadn’t sold the place.’

Violet dropped down on her haunches and touched her mum’s shoulder. ‘Mum? What are you looking for?’

Her mother looked up at last, her blue eyes red-rimmed from crying.

‘What’s the matter?’ Violet said, startled. Her mum wasn’t a crier; she’d only cried once since Grandpa Henry died and she’d loved him beyond words. ‘Was it the letters that upset you?’

‘I’m not upset,’ Della said. ‘These—’ she jabbed her finger towards her eyes ‘are tears of bloody anger. How dare he land this on you?’

Violet tucked her chin-length, blue-tipped hair behind her ears, trying to read between the lines and work out what was really going on.

Great huh? If that taster has left you wanting more, you can pick up a copy of the book at the following retailers.

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About the Author

kfKat writes romantic comedy for HarperCollins. She lives in England with her husband, two little boys and two crazy cats. She loves all things romance – reading it, watching it, and most of all, writing it. Mildly addicted to wine and fairy lights.

She also writes steamy erotic romance as her USA Today bestselling naughtier alter-ego Kitty French.

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