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Today I hand over the reigns to Mandie who has finally got off her arse and read Broken Bones by Angela Marsons. Perfect timing really seeing as book eight in the series, Dying Truth, is released tomorrow. Anyone would think we’d planned it that way… If you want to be reminded of my thoughts on the book, you can see them here (or here if you want to be scared). Before we do anything else though, let’s see what the book is all about.

BBAbout the Book

They thought they were safe. They were wrong.

The murder of a young prostitute and a baby found abandoned on the same winter night signals the start of a disturbing investigation for Detective Kim Stone – one which brings her face to face with someone from her own horrific childhood.

As three more sex workers in the Black Country are murdered in quick succession, each death more violent than the last, Kim and her team realise that the initial killing was no one-off frenzied attack, but a twisted serial killer preying on the vulnerable. 

At the same time, the search begins for the desperate woman who left her newborn baby at the station – but what at first looks like a tragic abandonment soon takes an even more sinister turn.

When another young woman goes missing, the two investigations bring the team into a terrifying, hidden world, and a showdown puts Kim’s life at risk as secrets from her own past come to light.

As Kim battles her own demons, can she stop the killer, before another life is lost?

A gripping new crime thriller from the Number One bestseller – you will be hooked until the final jaw-dropping twist.

OK confession time. This book has been sitting on my TBR pile since its publication but with the next instalment about to be released I knew I had to get myself sorted and get reading.  To be honest I am not sure if I should kick myself for waiting so long to read it, or congratulate myself as at least now I don’t have to wait so long to read the next outing of Kim, Bryant, Dawson & Stacey.

This time the team are dealing with two investigations, the death of a sex worker and an abandoned baby. The fact that it was Kim that found the baby outside the station was initially a source of amusement to her colleagues, as anyone who knows her character would know that a small child was about as far out of her comfort zone as you could possibly get.

After the last case Kim is determined to let Stacey get back to normal so she puts her and Kev in charge of tracing the child’s parents. I have to say that I have finally warmed to Kev. When you first meet him in Silent Scream he is a complete moron.  He is lazy and full of himself but over the course of the books he has slowly matured and you finally get to see a different side of him. Kev and Stacey just seem to work well together and their case turns out to not be as straightforward as you might think but takes you down the dark path of what is basically modern day slavery.

Kim and Bryant have the task of dealing with the death of the prostitute which not only puts Kim on a collision course with local pimp Kai Lord but also sees her dealing with a dangerous person from her past. But then again if you have read all of the other books in the series you just know that Kim will never take the easy route to solve the case, even when it means that she is putting her own life in danger. You even get to see a softer side to her when she helps out a frequent visitor to a volunteer led community centre stay on the straight and narrow.

Everyone has their favourite authors… you know the ones whose books you will buy no matter what. Ever since my sister introduced me to the Kim Stone series, Angela Marsons has quickly become one of those authors for me. I have to say that I love DI Stone and her team. They can just as easily be taking the mick out of each other as calling someone out when they mess up, but ultimately you know they have each other’s back and see themselves as family. Once again Angela has delivered a book that will keep you hooked to the end and I am seriously looking forward to book 8 to find out what happens next.

Thanks Mandie. Loved this book. You can all order your own copy from the following links:

Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Kobo

About the Author


Angela lives in the heart of the Black Country with her partner, bouncy puppy and potty mouthed parrot.

It has taken many novels to find that one character who just refused to go away. And so D.I. Kim Stone was born.  The D.I. Kim Stone series has now sold over 2 million copies.

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If you pop back tomorrow, there is a small to medium (very large) chance you may find out what I (Jen) think of Book eight …

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