Ten Year Stretch – 10 Years of CrimeFest. @CrimeFest @noexitpress


A couple of years ago I saw a tweet from an author I followed about a literary festival devoted solely to the wonder that is crime fiction. Now I had never even considered attending anything of the like in the past, it really wasn’t in my make up to go and plonk myself in a group of strangers and I honestly had no idea what such a festival may be about. But it sounded intriguing, so intriguing that it seemed worth sacrificing a couple of days of my annual leave to find out what was what. Bear in mind this was before I had started blogging, I had little concept of the world of literature outside of the books themselves and this was going to be way outside of my comfort zone, especially as I had only been reading again in earnest for a couple of years. Continue reading “Ten Year Stretch – 10 Years of CrimeFest. @CrimeFest @noexitpress”