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Today it is my great pleasure to join the blog blitz for Cross Your Heart, the latest Jess Bishop novel from Kierney Scott. My thanks to Noelle of Bookouture for inviting me to join the tour and for providing an advance copy of the book for review. Before we see what I think, let’s see what it’s all about.

cyhAbout the Book

Blinking her eyes open, she looks around the room, taking in the bed and the wardrobe full of clothes she’s never seen before. This isn’t her bedroom. Those aren’t her clothes. She begins to cry as she wonders if she’ll ever see her own home again.

Three young girls are missing. All of them cold cases. All of them forgotten. But when Detective Jess Bishop identifies a disturbing link between them, she’s determined to find out what happened, and fights to re-open their cases. 

At the scene of each abduction the kidnapper left a clue – a small bag of candy – in place of the missing child.

And then a fourth child is taken. Eight-year-old Ava is snatched from her hospital bed and when a bag of candy is found in her room, Jessica knows it’s the same kidnapper.

As the pressure to solve the case pushes Jess and her team to breaking point, Jess takes a personal risk she fears she’ll live to regret. But she has no choice.

Out of hospital, Ava can only get sicker: Jess is running out of time. Can she find Ava before it’s too late?

An absolutely gripping thriller that will have your pulse racing. Cross Your Heart is perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Lisa Gardner.

Well if you thought that book one in this series was tense, you haven’t seen anything yet. Still recovering from injuries sustained on another case, Jess Bishop is desperate to work and has been trawling cold case files surrounding missing children , seeing links in cases that they rest of her team don’t see. When another child goes missing the powers that be finally take note, setting Jess and the team on their most challenging and frustrating case in a bid to save the girl before it’s too late. Add in a high amount of strain in her once perfect partnership with Jamieson and the scene is set for a taut, thrilling and overwhelmingly emotional story.

Jess Bishop is a woman with a very troubled past and who has always struggled to form friendships. Those she has you could count on one hand so seeing the widening gap between her and Jamieson in this novel led to an unusual dynamic and really enhanced the tension. He is usually her go to guy but despite his willingness to protect her, his coolness really makes a dint in her confidence at a time she can’t handle any other knocks. I like the character of Jess, she’s far from perfect, but she has some major emotional and physical issues to overcome, showing herself to be on a path of self destruction throughout the book so I’ll be intrigued to see how this develops in future stories.

Jamieson is perhaps less present in this book as he is no longer partnered with Jess, yet his personality is no less felt. ever the professional I’ll be honest and say he is someone I find hard to fathom. I get his reasons for pushing Jess aside but sometimes he is too controlled and this can make him hard to like. I want to like him, I’m just not sure how much I’m succeeding in that right now. Time will tell. I definitely like him more than Chan, but then he’s a complete tart and that’s not saying much, lol.

The story itself is a very difficult one, the subject matter something that some readers may find hard to stomach. It centres around the abduction of children so if this subject is not for you then neither is this book. It is not gratuitous and it is not unnecessarily violent, but it is the prime focus of the case. Due to the nature of the investigation, the number of suspects is quite high but the motive difficult to fathom at first. There is no apparent connection between victims which sets the Agents their first challenge that will take a lot of reasoning to resolve. The pacing is good with quieter moments intersecting moments of tense action, times when the characters’ safety is in jeopardy. There are heart stopping moments, and moments of pure grief and the end of the novel may well leave you a little heartbroken.

Great stuff from Kierney Scott and a brilliant follow up to Forget Me Not. I look forward to seeing where this goes next.

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About the Author

KIERNEY SCOTTOriginally from California, Kierney Scott lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and their daughter.

In her spare time she likes to read and invent new recipes. Her stuffed peppers are particularly popular with her family, as are her grain-free chocolate chip cookies. In an effort to convert her family to the joys of pumpkin, she created the Great Pumpkin Challenge. For the ten weeks before Thanksgiving, they tried a new pumpkin recipe every week. Pumpkin arancini and pumpkin queso were a big hit. She has promised her daughter to never again roast pumpkin and call them chips.

She loves hearing from readers. If you would like to get in touch, you can email her at

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