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Today I’m delighted to share my review of the novella, Raise the Blade by Tess Makovesky. A quick read at a little under 100 pages, this is one twisted read. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

rtbAbout the Book

Like a spider wrapping flies…

When psychopath Duncan leaves a trail of duct-tape-wrapped bodies scattered across the suburbs of Birmingham, there’s nothing to link the victims except his own name and address, carefully placed on each new corpse.Six very different people follow his clues, each convinced they can use Duncan to further their own selfish or naïve ends. Is there a reason Duncan’s driven to target these particular individuals, or does their very nature contribute to their fate?Will any of them be strong enough to break the cycle and escape a painful death? Or will Duncan reel them in and rearrange them to his own insane ideal? 

“Raise the Blade is a gloriously gruesome read, riven with the very blackest of humour. And I loved it.”Ian Ayris, author of ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘April Skies’.

Got to be honest, mummified bodies are not something I usually associate with Birmingham. Many other things but duct tape mummies, not so much. And yet in Raise The Blade by Tess Makovesky, this is exactly what the reader is served up. in a most gruesome way. As if being covered head to toe in tape wasn’t enough each victim has been tortured and left to bleed out, and each has been abandoned in the most unceremonious of ways.

I have to be honest, I quite enjoyed this book. It’s not your usual serial killer fare, the killer not only being in plain sight to the reader but to the wider world too. We know who it is, part of the story being told from his point of view, but perhaps what we don;t know is why. And this is half the fun, following the police investigation and seeing who will be the first to outwit or catch the killer. I don’t want to say too . much more about that but if you read the novella, you’ll understand.

In many ways this was a strange read. Strange in as much as the fact that I couldn’t feel any sympathy for the killers victims. Well … maybe one or two, but on the whole I kind of felt they deserved all they got. Either though greed, ignorance or just plain insanity, as each one of them met their maker I kind of thought, serves you right. I couldn’t believe the mad decisions taken and found myself shaking my head at many points as I read it. In spite of this I wanted to read on, partly because I wanted to see how many more idiots the killer could claim as victims, but also because the text is littered with brilliantly dark humour and situations which made me smile and titter. I also love the relatively local setting – always a good way to win me over.

For a short, fast paced and quite funny serial killer read where you’re prepared to find yourself siding with the bad guy, then you really need to give Raise the Blade a go. I really did enjoy it – a great way to spend a spare hour.

My thanks to author Tess Makovesky for providing a copy of Raise The Blade for review. It is available now from the following retailers:

Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

About the Author

Liverpool lass Tess moved away to work at a tender age. Since then her movements around the country have resembled a game of ‘Pong’, but she’s now settled in the far north of England where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep.

Tess writes a distinctive brand of British comedie noir and her short stories have darkened the pages of over a dozen anthologies and magazines. She sets much of her work around the city of Birmingham (the original one in the UK), in particular the leafy but dubious suburbs, the back streets, and of course, the many canals. She often includes references to Pink Floyd songs, not to mention the occasional elephant. Her debut pyschological noir novella ‘Raise the Blade’ is out now from Caffeine Nights Publishing.

You can follow all Tess’s ramblings, both literal and literary, at her blog. You can also follow Tess on Twitter.

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