Blue: A Memoir by John Sutherland @policecommander @mgriffiths163

Today I am delighted to hand over the blog to Mandie who has a review of Blue: A Memoir by John Sutherland. I was very fortunate to hear John Sutherland in conversation with Matt Johnson last year and I found his story to be fascinating and the discussion very relevant and moving so I am a little jealous Mandie has read this before me. Before we hear her thoughts, let’s see what the book is all about.

BlueAbout the Book

A Sunday Times top-five bestseller

‘This is a remarkable book . . . profound and deeply moving . . . It has as much to tell us about mental illness as it does about policing’ Alastair Stewart

John Sutherland joined the Met in 1992, having dreamed of being a police officer since his teens. Rising quickly through the ranks, he experienced all that is extraordinary about a life in blue: saving lives, finding the lost, comforting the broken and helping to take dangerous people off the streets. But for every case with a happy ending, there were others that ended in desperate sadness, and in 2013 John suffered a major breakdown.

Blue is his memoir of crime and calamity, of adventure and achievement, of friendship and failure, of serious illness and slow recovery. With searing honesty, it offers an immensely moving and personal insight into what it is to be a police officer in Britain today.

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