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Today I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour for the new release from Tracy Corbett, The Summer Theatre by the Sea. I have a brilliant extract to share with you, just as soon as we’ve seen what the book is all about.

STBTSAbout the Book

A summer to remember…

Charlotte Saunders has always loved the buzz of city life. So, when she finds herself abruptly fired, dumped and forced to leave London to move in with her sister Lauren in Cornwall, she thinks the world is ending.

To keep herself busy in the quiet coastal town, Charlotte agrees to help the local drama club. Designing sets for their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, just for the summer, while she figures out her next career move. But could days at the beach, new friends and a dashingly handsome doctor, change Charlotte’s mind? Suddenly Cornwall doesn’t look so boring after all…

The perfect summer romance for fans of Lucy Diamond and Rachel Lucas.

The Summer Theatre by the Sea

Lauren Saunders nudged the wok further onto the gas stove before it toppled off and sent fajita mix flying across the kitchen. The fat hissed, spitting oil over the bank statement she’d received that morning. Perhaps trying to sort out her finances whilst cooking wasn’t the most sensible idea, but when else was she supposed to do it? What with school runs, rehearsals, and her shifts at Piskies café, it didn’t leave much time for anything else.

    There was a loud crash from the lounge. Keeping one eye on the spitting wok, she turned to see what mischief her children were up to. Living in such cramped conditions was an annoyance, but the open-plan living area at least allowed her to supervise while cooking.

    Freddie was crouched behind an upturned dining chair ready to ambush his unsuspecting sister. Both children were wearing the ninja outfits Sylvia Johns had bought them for their birthday last month: black jumpsuits trimmed with red piping, and a large belt, complete with silver buckle and plastic sword.

    ‘Mind what you’re doing with that thing,’ Lauren warned Freddie, even though her son probably couldn’t hear above the blaring TV. The flimsy weapon might bend on impact, but it could still take an eye out.

    Her daughter was crawling along the floor like an SAS operative, outwitting her brother, whose focus remained fixed on the bedroom door. When his twin prodded him in the back with her sword, Freddie let out a cry of indignation, and gave chase.

    Lauren turned back to the stove. She didn’t mind the mayhem. In fact, she loved it. As a kid, she’d constantly been told to calm down and be quiet. She didn’t begrudge her parents preferring a peaceful house, but the experience had shaped her views on child-rearing. Rightly or wrongly, her kids were encouraged to be noisy and playful.

Sounds fab doesn’t it? The Summer Theatre by the Sea is available now in ebook and from 3rd May in paperback from the following retailers:

Amazon UK ~ Kobo ~ Waterstones

About the Author

Tracy lives with her partner Simon in Surrey and works part-time for her local Citizens Advice. Tracy has been writing for a number of years and has had a few short stories published in My Weekly magazine. As well as belonging to a local writing group, she enjoys amateur dramatics and can regularly be found dressing up in strange costumes and prancing about the stage pretending to be all manner of odd characters.

Follow Tracy on Twitter: @traceyacorbett

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