Love one, love them all … My favourite series

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Is there anything better than finding a series of books that you love? Characters that you can return to again and again, whose lives you become so invested in that you simply have to know what their future holds. Books which you devour in no time while all the time regretting the wait until the next books is released?

Like any self-respecting reader I am a sucker for a good series. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good standalone too, but there is something about those enduring characters, the ones who get under your skin, that gets me super excited. I am always happy to be back in their company. My trepidation is not over whether I will like the book, only what fresh hell the author has put them through this time. So I’d like to share a few of these with you today. Some are relatively new, some are just new to me. All are fabulous.Rachel Abbott – Tom Douglas Series – @RachelAbbott

Typically of me I started this series in the completely wrong order. I found The Back Road first through a Bookbub promotion. Read it. Loved it. Never looked back. Had absolutely no concept of self publishing when I read this. I liked the writing, I liked the character. It is unusual in that Tom Douglas was never meant to be the central character focus, but I think the guy just took on a life of his own. Brilliant series.

Rachel Amphlett – Dan Taylor and Kay Hunter series – @RachelAmphlett

I first heard Rachel speak on an indie panel with Rachel Abbott back at Crimefest in 2016. Her series, featuring former soldier Dan Taylor, sounded like my kind of book so I treated myself to the books and the first audio. Several long car journeys later I was hooked. It was a no brainer for me when I was asked if I wanted to review the first Kay Hunter book late last year. Both are absolutely cracking series that I can’t recommend enough. Another big tick in the box for the Indie authors.

MJ Arlidge – Helen Grace Series – @mjarlidge

I’m not sure how I ended up reading this series but I am very glad I did. I chose the first book, Eeny Meeny, as I was on a bid to read a book from each of the cities I had depots in. Southampton seemed as good a place to start as any. A hard hitting lead character with a very troubled past, Helen Grace rocks. There is a slightly darker edge to books in this series, probably not recommended for kids, but certainly highly recommneded for crime lovers.

Mark Billingham – Tom Thorne Series – @MarkBillingham

I’m playing catch up on this series, attacking it from both ends by reading the latest books in the series and listening to the audio of te early books. Love the styling and have a bit of a soft spot for the rule breaking copper with a good heart, Tom Thorne. There is so much I still have to read and I am fully looking forward to the rest of the journey. I’m loving seeing the move to Thorne as a family man and the odd partnership developing between Thorne and Tanner in the latest book is one I’m happy to see continue. Fabulous.

Robert Bryndza – Erika Foster Series @RobertBryndza

I have loved this series from the very first book. Erika Foster is a strong female role model, the cases are exciting and the team Erika builds around her are fabulous. This series has nearly made me late for work on more than one occasion where I was sat in the car park desperate to listen to the end of a chapter on the audible book version. Each book keeps getting better and the character of Erika Foster more endearing, if that’s the right word, with each one.

John Connolly – Charlie Parker Series @jconnollybooks

Oh Charlie Parker, how I love thee … Well the series anyway. I came across this series via Twitter in 2015. I know. Where had I been? From the very opening scenes I was a little wary – it was quite gory to be fair and I wasn’t entirely sure about Parker. The more I read, the more I got to like him. A lot. From a clean start in July, by January I had caught up on all I had missed in readiness for the next release. Love this series, particuarly the supernatural thread. And the characters, Parker, Sam, Louis, Angel … Simply fabulous. These aren’t a quick read but they are so worth your investment of time. Soooo worth it.

Thomas Enger – Henning Juul Series @EngerThomas

I found this series at book 4. I quickly reversed to start the series from the beginning. With such vivid imagery this series beautifully captures the Norwegian setting perfectly. And the protagonist, Henning Juul, is such an intriguing character, spurred on by the need to find out the truth about what happened to his son, you cannot help but fall a little in love with him. Brilliant series. I really don’t want to read book five. It cant be over …

Patricia Gibney – Lottie Parker Series @trisha460

As police officers go, Lottie Parker is perhaps one of the most flawed. She drinks, she may have a little bit of a drug problem and she has a terribly difficult relationship with her children. The latest book in the series goes some way to explaining Lottie’s past and has made me love our Ragmullin based Detective even more. It just keeps getting better wth every book.

Sarah Hilary – Marnie Rome Series @sarah_hilary

Oh I do have a knack for reading things in the wrong order!!! Starting with book three which I came across quite by accident on Netgalley, I instantly fell in love with the characters, the style of writing and the very complex and yet moving storylines which dominate this series. Set in London, Sarah Hilary paints quite a stark picture of the capital in a series which features a protagonist who is as tough as she is kind, and whose past keep coming back to taunt her.

Matt Johnson – Robert Finlay Series @Matt_Johnson_UK

This series may well be only two books out of the planned three right now but those two books have made an impression and I can’t wait for the next one. Well I can, but only because it’s the last 😦 Robert Finlay is a great character; affected by his traumatic past, he is a PTSD sufferer but one with an amazing support network. A wonderful blend of police and action thriller from a guy who knows his stuff, this is highly recommended.

Ragnar Jonasson – Dark Iceland Series @ragnarjo

I don’t think I had read any literature in translation before reading this book. I tried Les Miserable twenty or so years ago and gave up about page two if that counts? Having seen Ragnar Jonasson at Crime Fest I was really intrigued about the idea of a series set in the wilds (?) of Iceland and bought the then three published books on audio. I listened to them in a week. Haven’t looked back. I am total nordic/scandi noir convert.

Stuart MacBride – Logan McRae and Ash Henderson Series @StuartMacBride

Oh how to begin? I fell onto Stuart MacBride’s work by accident (not literally I might add). I was in love with the Tony McLean series and one of the characters was named after Stuart so, out of curiosity, I looked him up. I bought the second Ash Henderson book on a whim, only a two book series rather than the nine Logan books I needed to read. Oh my life. I was hooked. Bought and read though all nine Logan McRae books in a round a week over Christmas a couple of years ago. Stonkingly special.

Angela Marsons – Kim Stone Series @WriteAngie

Bet you didn’t see this coming did you? I ‘found’ this series after seeing an article on Twitter about a local author selling over a million copies of her books. Yes. I was that late … Made up for it since though. Massive fan of this series and so proud to be able to call Angie a friend now too. If you haven’t read any Kim Stone, you haven’t lived. At least not well enough. I have my whole family hooked on them now too. And this is the only series/author which has persuaded me to do a vlog review. Trust me this is massive. Until two years ago, I wouldn’t even have my picture taken other than for my passport…

Val McDermid – Hill & Jordan Series @valmcdermid

Man oh man. If I was late to the Angie Marsons party, I am arriving just in time for the washing up with this one … I only start listening to the audio last year, the start of Val McDermid’s epic career coming during my self imposed reading hiatus. I am catching up quite quickly though. This series taught me that I need to be very careful when playing audio books in the car as one particular scene in The Mermaid’s Singing which was playing as my sister got in the car led to more than a few raised eyebrows. Love this series though and if you can cope with the dark and often macabre at the start of the series, then I’d highly recommend it.

James Oswald – Tony McLean Series @SirBenfro

This is the series which reignited my passion for reading. I won’t lie, when I read the original first scene for Natural Causes I wondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into. It’s quite dark. But as I read on I fell in love with the writing, the character and the special blend of the police procedural with something a little more supernatural. I used to spend my summers camping on the edges of Edinburgh and this series just transported me right back there. Love everything about it. If you haven’t read it yet, you really must. Really. really must.

Ian Rankin – Rebus Series @Beathigh

Yep. You guessed it. Another series I started late and another series I have been reading/ experiencing out of order. I am trying my best to catch up. There are twenty one books now. I had seventeen years of reading. I buy four or five books a week and read three to four … I will catch up though as I love this hard drinking and rule flaunting Detective. I am powering through the audio as and when I can. I will try to review one day too. I can still remember them all. This series also taught me to be careful when selecting audio books when driving colleagues around …

Marnie Riches – George McKenzie series @Marnie_Riches

Love the blend of the UK and the Netherlands in this one. There is something about the characters of George and her lover Van den Bergen which really draws you in. The stories are full of heart stopping action and there are so many moments of light and shade in this book. George is seemingly unstoppable, dedicated to her family and yet also to getting justice. Loved it. And there’s a new book coming. Even better.

LJ Ross – DCI Ryan Series @LJRoss_author

I was introduced to this series by my sister who read and loved the first few books. I took the plunge and listened to the audible books on one of my many long drives around the country and was immediately struck by not only the quality of the writing, the tense plotting and the lovable, if somewhat occasionally grumpy, DCI Ryan, but the setting. Northumbria almost becomes a character in its own right, the authors love for the area shining through the writing. And the plotlines … so tense. nail-biting and perfectly timed. And I’m a character now too. I’d like to say a nice one but that all depends on perspective …

Carol Wyer – Robyn Carter Series @carolewyer

Oh I do love me a local story and it doesn’t come uch more local for me, the central character in this series working about fourteen miles from my front door. Each one of these books has been a complete joy, combining brilliant writing with exciting and often tense storylines. It’s not all hard paced action; the stories capture both a brilliant tension and an emotional edge too. I love the camaraderie between Robyn and her team but also her cousin, Ross. Heck even Shearer s growing on me. And the back story … the unknown … the wondering if Robyn will ever find the truth. Can’t wait for the next book.

So there you have it. My favourite series. Any you think I should be reading (if I get time …) What are your favourites?

Have a fabulous day of reading everyone.


17 thoughts on “Love one, love them all … My favourite series

  1. So many we have in common! And a few I’ve never heard of. Oops.

    I must read the Dark Iceland series and I feel like I should read more Val McDermid but the first one was so gruesome, I keep putting it off. 😄

    I’d definitely add the Dan Forrester series by C.J. Carver and Matilda Darke by Michael Wood. Oh, and Joseph Stark by Matthew Frank. Which didn’t even make my own list because I ran out of space. 🙄


      1. Michael Wood is only three books. Not sure when the next one is coming but plenty of time to catch up. 😉

        I’ve never read an Ian Rankin book, which is probably a bad thing. But I’ve never even heard of John Connolly and James Oswald. 😳

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      2. Arghhhhhhhhhh. 😳 Wash your mouth out!!! I can perhaps understand not having read Ian Rankin, I hadn’t until last year, but to have never heard of James Oswald or John Connolly … I am in shock. Did such a sharp intake of breath hearing that my cat is still staring at me now… I think he’s considering calling an ambulance lol.

        They are both tinged with a kind of Supernatural edge. Natural Causes by James Oswald was the book that got me really reading again. Police procedural but on an angle. John Connolly’s Charlie Parker is a former police officer turned private investigator after a personal tragedy. Again, it’s not quite your straight forward Whodunnit style of story with some dark forces in play. Every Dead Thing starts in quite a stark way. Books are long, very descriptive but very very good. Angel and Louis are legends.

        I am going to lie down in a darkened room now to get over the shock… 😉😋

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  2. I’ve avoided series for years (commitment issues!) but I just bought the first couple in the Angela Marsons and Robert Bryndza series yesterday because EVERYONE raves about them and I want IN! This year I WILL catch up 🙂

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  3. I love the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia Series. This year and last year, I started the Land of Stories Series, which is a children’s series, but I love them. Most of the books I read this year were independent books

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  4. I think you would like Cody MacFadyen’s brilliant Smoky Barrett series, Jen. The characterization is phenomenal.


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