Everybody loves a winner …


So nobody loves me … Joke. It’s mainly because I’m horrid and tell crap jokes but I don’t let it stop me. Still, I’m hoping a couple of folks will find me moderately tolerable today as I announce the winners of my #bookvent giveaway …

massive congratulations to the first Bookvent giveaway winner who gets a collection of books and some yummy chocolate. That winner is …

Katherine Sunderland


And also to my second winner who gets a book of their choice and some more scrummy chocolate. That person is …

Eva Merckx

Congratulations to both of you. I’ll be in touch by email asap.

And as for the big decision … the people’s choice was …

As indecisive as my own.

You bloody lot were no help whatsoever. We ended up with a tie. So the readers books of the year were

Now We Are Dead

All The Wicked Girls


The Man Who Died

You let me down folks. You were meant to be making things easier …

Never mind. By simple virtue of the fact that I loved all of my #bookvent shortlist you are all winners, each and every one. Have a fabulous Christmas and holiday period everyone.


6 thoughts on “Everybody loves a winner …

  1. Ahahahaha! I can’t believe there’s a tie!

    And OMG! I won?! Yay! Happy Christmas to me! Thank you!

    Also, I know you weren’t fishing but you are more than tolerable to me. I fully expect “ruin Christmas Carols” to be an annual tradition. 🤣

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    1. Isn’t it? I have another 16 ‘I really have to shout about these Books’ books on Tuesday plus a load more to sing the praises of. And 2018 is shaping up to be a belter already.


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