The #Bookvent Calendar 2017: Day 11


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2017 

The eleventh bookvent choice is part of a series of books which only began a year ago but already boasts four books and has built a really successful following. A great example of how popular and successful indie publishing can be when done right, I have been engrossed in this particular series from the start. The protagonist is a remarkably down to earth Detective, although her past is far from problem free. Set up to take the fall when a key piece of evidence went missing, she has been searching for the truth ever since. Putting the criminal elements of Kent firmly on the map, book eleven in my bookvent countdown is …


One To Watch

by Rachel Amphlett


When a road traffic accident on a dark autumn night uncovers a disturbing conspiracy, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter’s investigation exposes a ruthless serial killer exploiting vulnerable young women.

With her enemies unmasked and her career spiralling out of control, Kay’s determination to seek vengeance for the victims brings her dangerously close to those who want to silence her.

Undeterred, she uncovers the real reason behind a plot to destroy her career and sets in motion a terrifying chain of events.

Could Kay’s need for revenge be her undoing, or will she survive to see justice served?

This book is the fourth in the series but the one which ties up all of the loose ends in Kay Hunter’s search for the truth. Gripping and tense from the off, you can feel all of Kay’s frustrations building, her temper only kept in check by her need to find justice for the young woman found murdered in the boot of a car which has been involved in an RTC. I love the way in which Rachel Amphlett has developed this series, creating a protagonist that you really get behind. It’s so heartening to see the perfect relationship she has with her partner Adam, one built on trust and love and not subject to the normal troubles inherent in the genre. This story in particular is quite gripping, bring Kay face to face not only with the man who was set free when the key evidence went missing but also the people who set her up. Heart stopping action combines with a great story and a wonderful setting to produce a story that had me both on the edge of my seat and grinning like the Cheshire cat. Right up my street, and if you haven’t read any of these books, then you really, really should.

You can read my full review of Hell to Pay right here and order a copy of the book from the following retailers:

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Happy #bookvent reading all


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