The #Bookvent Calendar 2017: Day 3


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2017 

My third bookvent read of 2017 is another one I read early on in the year. The fourth in a series set in Peterborough, this was actually my first venture into this world but it was a series I was keen to get into having heard the author speak on a panel at Crimefest. Centered around hate crimes, this particular book confronted the prejudices surrounding the transgender community with a sometimes surprising, often emotional, but always compelling story. Book three in my #bookvent countdown is …


Watch Her Disappear

by Eva Dolan



The body is found by the river, near a spot popular with runners.

With a serial rapist at work in the area, DI Zigic and DS Ferreira are initially confused when the Hate Crimes Unit is summoned to the scene. Until they discover that the victim, Corinne Sawyer, was born Colin Sawyer.

Police records reveal there have been violent attacks on trans women in the local area. Was Corinne a victim of mistaken identity? Or has the person who has been targeting trans women stepped up their campaign of violence? With tensions running high, and the force coming under national scrutiny, this is a complex case and any mistake made could be fatal…

Oh this book. Eva Dolan has created such a brilliant pairing in Zigic and Ferreira and the way in which they approach their case with a mixture of determination and compassion makes this a truly compelling read. When a transgender woman is discovered murdered, it falls to the pair to find out who is responsible and why, their investigations leading them into a family which has been severely fractured by the changes which have been forced upon them. But it goes much further than this investigation, taking a look also a the way in which the transgender community as a whole is treated within society and looking at some of the prejudices and misconceptions that exist. Eva Dolan manages to confront important social issues in a story which is entertaining without trivialising the subject or being too gratuitous or sensational in approach. The writing is gritty, the pacing just perfect for the story and the sense of passion and compassion in the Detectives emanating from every page. Highly recommended.

You can read my full review of Watch Her Disappear right here and purchase a copy of the book from the following retailers.

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