The #Bookvent Calendar 2017: Day 2


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2017 

Everyone knows about the rise in computer hacking over the past few years. SO much of our lives is now played out online, so much data gathered about us that you can’t look up a book on Amazon without then seeing it as an advert on your Facebook or Twitter feeds about a dozen times a day. There was a time when cookies were just those things your Mum and Gran served you with a glass of cold milk. Now they track your every virtual move. But what if you were exploiting this loophole, this collection of data, and using it to your advantage, for fun and reward? And what then if this information is used against you. When the very tech you rely on becomes the thing which could cost you your freedom or your life? Well that is the premise of my next top read of 2017. Yes – book 2 in my #bookvent countdown is …


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