#FestiveReads: Cold Christmas by Alastair Gunn @alastair_gunn @MichaelJBooks

Today, as part of the #festivereads feature I have a review of Alastair Gunn’s second Christmas based book, the fourth and latest in his DCI Antonia Hawkins series. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the book in a short while, as soon as we’ve takne a look at what it’s all about.

CCThe Official Book Blurb

In the small village of Cold Christmas there’s a church that faces the wrong way . . . What has it to do with the three dead men found in a London flat?

DCI Antonia Hawkins has a killer to catch. Only she can’t predict what is waiting for her at the end of the chase. 

Nobody remembers the young men entering the abandoned London flat a few weeks ago. Nobody cares if they left.

Until the unbearable smell of decay.

DCI Antonia Hawkins is called in to view the dead men; three, lying neat in a row. There’s no damage to the bodies, no obvious cause of death. Is this a suicide pact? Or is that just how it’s meant to look?

If there is a link between the three very different men then Hawkins needs to find it, and fast. Because unless she does, more are going to die. And they might not all be strangers.

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The #Bookvent Calendar 2017: Day 1


#Bookvent – Celebrating my top reads of 2017 

And here it begins … Book one in my #bookvent countdown is one which was released in February 2017. I’d been sent a copy of the book in late 2016 and it had sat on the to be read shelf, calling to me, for many months before I finally got a chance to pick it up and dive in. And boy was I glad I did. I powered through this book which ticked every box in my list of things I love about literature – engrossing story, serial killer, Detectives skirting on the wrong side of right and whose dark secrets look set to bite them in the backside … macabre, chilling and just down right brilliant, my first #bookvent choice of 2017 is …

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