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Today it’s back over to Mandie who has reviewed another festive read, this time Bryan Mooney’s A Christmas Flower.

ACF.jpgThe Official Book Blurb

When a New England Christmas reunites two lifelong friends, romance blooms. From the author of Christmas in Vermont.

Miracles are like snowflakes–no two are alike, but each one is precious and beautiful. This Christmas, Dr. Beth Harding could use a few miracles. The hospital she runs in River Dale, New Hampshire, is being shut down, unless she can convince the Scrooge-like board to save it. At least her closest friend, firefighter Logan Mitchell, is home for the holidays to offer a broad shoulder to lean on.

In California, Logan is a smoke jumper, but jumping into a romance with his best friend scares him more than any forest fire. After losing his parents at sixteen, Logan was taken in by Beth’s family. As kids, they were like brother and sister. Now they’re grown up, and sparks keep flying between them. If only Beth wasn’t already engaged. Maybe with a Christmas miracle or two, Beth can keep those hospital doors open–and two dear friends can finally allow their one true love to blossom.

A Christmas Flower introduces you to Logan Mitchell a smoke jumper based in California and Dr Beth Harding a hospital administrator in River Dale New Hampshire. Childhood friends they are brought back together at Christmas just as they both have so much going on in their lives.

Beth has moved back to River Dale initially to look after her ailing mother who used to run the Hospital. After her death she decided to stay and took over the administrator position. Now that the hospital is being threatened with closure due to funding she is determined to do everything she can to save it, even if it means going against the board. In her professional life Beth is very confident and assured. Not so much in her personal one. She seems quite happy to make life and death decisions when it comes to her patients yet unable to tell the two men in her life exactly how she feels. She has taken on so much responsibility with work and worrying about her younger sister it’s as though she just hopes her personal life will just sort itself out.

Logan risks his life on a daily basis as a smoke jumper however when he returns to River Dale at Christmas to visit with an old firefighter friend who is fighting for his life in hospital he is put straight back into the path of the woman he loves. For a man who seems to have no fear, telling her exactly how he feels just seems to be way too scary for him and he risks losing her to someone else. Its only when his own health comes into question that he really starts to re-asses his life.

I have to admit I didn’t particularly like Beth’s boyfriend. He seemed very self-centred and more concerned with getting Beth to ditch the hospital and start working at the same company as him as a way to advance his own career. In fact the lengths he would appear to go to in order for that to happen would probably have most sane women running in the other direction once they found out his motives.

A Christmas Flower is a charming gentle love story that shows you that even the most organised together people can be insecure and doubt themselves. This is a gentle read that also pays tribute to the risks that the fire service take with their own lives in order to save others.

With thanks to the publishers, Lake Union, and Netgalley for the advance copy for review. A Christmas Flower is available from the following retailers

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