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This morning it’s two more festive reads reviewed by Mandie, starting with Enid Blyton’s Christmas Tales. These really do take on a new meaning when read with adult eyes!!

EBCT.jpgThe Official Book Blurb

Enid Blyton’s timeless collection of Christmas stories – an ideal gift for anyone who loved the stories during their own childhood to pass on to the next generation of readers.

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories was so popular that readers asked for another collection – and here it is! Nobody captures the spirit of Christmas like Enid Blyton, and in these stories – which are perfect for reading alone or sharing – she describes the excitement of anticipating gifts, the pleasures of making special food, of singing carols, and coming together to share good times with friends and families. As ever with Blyton, there is mischief and mayhem but good always prevails in the end.

This is an entirely different set of stories to the ones included in Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories. All stories previously appeared in magazines and anthologies from the 40s and 60s. This collection contains the original texts and is unillustrated.

The stories in this collection are:
One Christmas Eve 
All the Way to Santa Claus 
Annabelle’s Little Thimble 
A Coat for the Snowman 
The Extraordinary Christmas Tree 
On His Way Home 
Good Gracious, Santa Claus! 
No Present for Benny 
First Walk in December 
The Christmas Tree Fairy 
A Christmas Legend 
The Christmas Bicycle 
The Battle in the Toyshop 
A Grand Visitor 
The Little Carol Singer 
The Man Who Wasn’t Father Christmas 
A Christmas Wish 
He Belonged to the Family 
A Hole in her Stocking 
Christmas in the Toyshop 
They Didn’t Believe in Santa Claus! 
Bobbo’s Magic Stocking 
On Christmas Night 
Little Mrs Millikin 
Second Walk in December 
The Magic Snow-bird

Everybody’s childhood has an encounter with Enid Blyton but I will admit that this is the first time I have come across her Christmas stories.

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Tales transport you back into a time where things were a little more simple and innocent and where not everything was about the material side of Christmas. In true Enid Blyton style each story shows how kindness is rewarded in many different ways and naughtiness will always be punished. There are things that will make you chuckle along the way.

With 25 stories to choose from you can read a tale a day in the run up to the big event getting your children in the mood for Christmas and showing them the true meaning of Christmas spirit.

As much as this book did transport me back to my childhood, it did also make me realise just how cynical I had become as an adult. Everything you take at face value growing up took on a whole new meaning reading these stories as an adult. Yes I was chuckling at some of the stories but that was due to the fact that innocent phrases and sentences didn’t always sound so innocent in my head. Then again … maybe that just says more about my warped mind and sense of humour than it does about the actual book (a sentiment that those who know me well would probably totally agree with) or that I had finally reached Christmas overload reading so many Christmas books back to back

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Tales is available now from the following retailers:

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