Festive Reads: Santa, Please Bring Me A Gnome by An Swerts @mgriffiths163

The second of Mandie’s reviews is a short childrens’ Christmas story, Santa, Please Bring Me A Gnome by An Swerts

SPBMAG.jpgThe Official Book Blurb

Dear Santa? That’s how Tess starts her letter. You don’t have to bring me any toys this year. The only thing I want is a real gnome. Full of anticipation, Tess looks forward to the day her new friend arrives: a friend she can take everywhere, and with whom she can share everything. With Grandpa and Grandma’s help, she gets everything ready. Grandpa builds little pieces of furniture, Grandma sews a little blanket, and Tess prepares a welcome meal. And then it’s finally Christmas Eve ? Will Santa bring a real gnome?

A heartwarming picture book with wonderfully funny illustrations.

Tess wants a gnome for Christmas… not a toy gnome… nope a real live one at least that’s what her letter to Santa says.

This is a charming picture book that tells the story of a child and her belief in Santa and that he will make her wish come true. With her whole family going along with her request you have to wonder what will happen Christmas morning, will Tess be disappointed or do the family have something planned that will still result in a Happy Christmas.

This would be a good book for parents who have children who love to make really challenging requests from Santa and that the alternatives he comes up with can sometimes be better than what they originally wanted.

With thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the review copy. Santa, Please Bring Me A Gnome is available now from the following retailers:

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