Festive Reads: Mr Men & Little Miss at Christmas – Roger Hargreaves

Now as a child, I was a massive fan of the Mr Men books as I’m sure many of you were too. I am that old, I can remember when Little Miss books were a ‘new and exciting concept’ really shaking up the Mr Men’s world. Yes – I’m ancient. Now when Mandie and I first started looking into doing a festive reads segment, we knew that Mr Men should probably feature somewhere. We figured Mr Snow was a safe bet. When I looked on Amazon though I was amazed by the sheer number of Mr Men and Little Miss Christmas books available. Needless to say, I was more than up for the challenge (?) of collecting and reading them, so here are just a few of the books available.

ACCMr Men: A Christmas Carol

Echoing Charles Dickens classic tale, can the ghosts of Mr Men and Little Miss help Mr Mean find the true spirit of Christmas and help Mr Happy have a wonderful festive season?

A fabulous story perfectly themed for Christmas

MMCPMr Men: A Christmas Party

Little Miss Shy is the shyest person in the world, so when she gets an invite to Mr Happy’s Christmas Party, just the thought of going makes her blush. The other Mr Men are very excited. Mr Strong finds the Christmas tree, Mr Greedy bakes a Yule tree trunk and Little Miss Naughty brings the mistletoe! But will Little Miss Shy’s blushes be spared when there’s a thick blanket of snow on the day of the party?

Loved this and can totally feel Little Miss Shy’s pain… but will she always be a wallflower? Read and find out.

TSNMr Noisy and the Silent Night

Poor Mr Quiet doesn’t look forward to Christmas. It’s just too noisy for him. Noisy crackers, noisy carol singers, a noisy postman delivering Christmas cards, and, noisiest of all, an annual visit from Mr Noisy himself!

But perhaps this year will be different. Maybe, just maybe, Mr Quiet will find a way to get the Silent Night he’s always dreamed of …

Haven’t we all been there? You just want a quiet evening in front of the fire, hot chocolate or eggnog in hand … and all hell breaks loose around you. Poor Mr Quiet. I feel your pain.

MFCMr Men Meet Father Christmas

Little Miss Tiny really wishes she could meet Father Christmas. Luckily Mr Daydream and his big magic yellow bird are on hand to make her Christmas wish come true.

A lovely little tale which will make all small children smile. Don’t they all wish they were Little Miss Tiny?

MMCTMr Men: The Christmas Tree

Mr. Forgetful is not at all good at remembering things, so it is hardly surprising that this Christmas he has forgotten to buy a tree. Christmas with no tree! Where will Father Christmas leave the presents?!

And so begins a very funny and forgetful tale of Christmas trees, presents, snow and a plump, jolly man who might just be able to save the day …

Ha ha. Totally the kind of thing I’d do. Assuming I ever had a Christmas Tree. Lovely little adventure featuring … Oh … I forget.

LMCLittle Miss Christmas

Little MIss Christmas has been working really hard helping Father Christmas prepare for the festive season. She deserves a break. She can trust Father Christmas and Mr Christmas to finalize things for the big day … can’t she?

A timely tale highlighting the danger of procrastination and the power of team work …

MMAWC.jpgMr Men: A White Christmas

When Father Christmas receives a letter from a little boy in Australia wishing for a white Christmas he knows just who to ask. The little boy’s white Christmas will be more exciting than he could have ever imagined thanks to the Mr. Men! Another great ‘Mr. Men Christmas story’, complete with snowy kangaroos, an ice-skating Mr. Bump and a snowball fight with Father Christmas!

Snow in Australia in December. What could possibly go wrong…

MMAAMr Men: All Aboard For Christmas

Mr Christmas has been invited to spend Christmas with Little Miss Late this year but what with all the wrapping for Father Christmas, snowstorms in the North Pole, delays to the Polar Express and a forgetful bus driver with no spare tyre … might Mr Christmas miss Christmas this year?

And this is why I never rely on public transport over the holidays… Will Mr Christmas make Christmas dinner? It’s going to be close …

MCMr Christmas

Find out what happens when Father Christmas enlists Mr Christmas’s help in order to get presents to all the Mr Men in Loudland. Magic, flying teapots and presents galore – a wonderful little tale full of festive cheer. And  very colourful socks.

MMPantoMr Men: A Christmas Pantomime

What happens when Little Miss Trouble sets her sights on a starring role in the annual Christmas pantomime? Find out in this humourous little story featuring some of the favourite residents of Loudland.

And there you have it. Just ten of the wonderful titles available in the Mr Men collection. although there are many more available celebrating all manner of key events throughout the year. Your little ones will love them. I loved them. So very different from my day I have to say. All of the Mr Men and Little Miss titles can be found on Amazon’s Mr Men/Roger Hargreaves page.

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    1. Aww. If he loves Mr Men he will love these. Took me right back to my childhood they were so much fun. Loved A Christmas Pantomime and A Christmas Carol in particular.


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