Review: Mr Men & Little Miss for Grown Ups

You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to getting my hands on these books. Okay, so right now I only have two of the four Mr Men for Grown Ups books, but having read them, I’ll be heading in for books three and four asap.

Mr Men & Little Miss!!! For adults!!! Such a part of my childhood but now they’ve gone adulting. Fabulous.

The Official Book Blurbs

The Mr. Men have been tickling children for generations with their funny and charming antics. The Mr Men for Grown-Ups series now gives adults the chance to laugh along as the Mr Men and Little Miss try to cope with the very grown-up world around them. Featuring Roger Hargreaves classic artwork alongside hilariously funny new text.

MHAOPMr Happy and the Office Party

Mr Happy is usually a very happy fellow. But the morning after the office party, he doesn’t feel so happy. In fact, he loses his smile. It couldn’t be that bad, could it?

The perfect book for anyone who has ever been to a work party and lived to tell the tale.

LMSGODLittle Miss Shy Goes Online Dating

Little Miss Shy likes being single and loves nothing more than staying in with a good book. But her mother feels quite differently and she reluctantly decides to give online dating a try. Will one of the Mr Men be her Mr Right?

The perfect book for anyone who has ever been part of the dating pool, reluctantly or not.

Oh yes, yes, yes. These books are class. The problem is, they’re also very hard to review. Let’s just say that Mr Happy has captured the essence of the worst parts of an office party to a tea – the party pooper, the party animal, the office grouch, the penny pincher. The last minute hook-up over a packet of Hob Nobs … This had me chuckling over my crackers as I put a work face to every Mr Man and Little Miss on each page. Classic.

And then there is Little MIss Shy. The gal who prefers to stay indoors and read a book … Yeah. This is so not me. My mother never once tried to nag me into dating for a start and I am totally not the type of gal to register on Mr Mendr … But each of the stereotypical Mr Men type of dating nightmare features. So can Little Miss Shy find her Mr Man? Well, the ending sure summed up my perfect kind of relationship if I’m honest. Maybe me and Little Miss Shy have more in common than I thought …

Other books in the series are Mr Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean and Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood. I can think of a few folk who would probably relate to these titles.

The Mr Men for Grown Ups books are available now from Amazon. You can order by clicking on the images below. See you soon. I’m off to go and get the others.


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