#BookLove: Meggy Roussel @Choconwaffles

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Today I am absolutely delighted to be welcoming the lovely Meggy Roussel, a.k.a. Chocolate’n’Waffles, to Jen Med’s to help me spread a little book love. Meggy is a very busy bee at the moment, studying hard on a publishing degree so I’m very grateful she took the time out to take part. Before we find out all of Meggy’s bookish confessions, let’s learn a little more about Meggy.

About Meggy

MRI read, talk, cook, watch, learn and breathe. Not especially in that order. Oh, and I’m in love with Bordeaux, almost as much as I am in love with the English language.

This little corner of the internet is owned by a young woman named Meggy, who thought it would be fun to do her introduction with a third person narrative.

She is French, which means she can never be wrong about cooking. Or anything for that matter. She is a Yogi, which helps her staying sane and in pretty good shape for a stiff twig. She is an English student, which means she can talk for an hour about the differences between riveting and engrossing, and won’t hesitate to chase you with a virtual fork if you forget the difference between you’re and your. Yes, Meggy is a Grammar Terror, even though she herself struggles with harder points of the fascinating English grammar.

She is a dog mom, and will bore you to death with stories and photos of her baby dog, just like any mom with her offspring. She’s a tea lover with a strong addiction to waffles and chocolate. She isn’t afraid to talk about mental health and her battles against her illnesses.​ She’s a student in Publishing with big hopes and the perfect shoes to go with them! She’s a sanity keeper, when she remembers not to go crazy herself. But most of all, she is a book lover. And if you are here, you must be, too.

You can follow Meggy on her blog Chocolate’n’WafflesTwitter and Facebook

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