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Heywood Hill launched its A Year In Books For Life prize draw on 13 October 2017. This annual prize draw offers readers the chance to win a hand-picked book a month for life, for free, anywhere in the world.

Elon Musk’s spectacular plan to send people to Mars in 2024 has fired the world’s imagination. At Heywood Hill our response has been to wonder what books and other things human beings would want to take with them.

To win a book a month for life, entrants to our prize draw must answer one simple question on – if they were picked by Elon Musk to be on the first manned flight to Mars in 2024, what would they take with them and why? We need a book and an object please.

This year we are promoting our prize draw on social media via this 30 second promo:

Throughout the competition period we will publish video contributions from people we admire, including astronaut Tim Peake, Salman Rushdie, Sophie Winkleman, Henry Blofeld, Ann Applebaum and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Watch our social media for their videos. Contact us for their contributions in advance.

A Year In Books For Life prize draw is free to enter at The competition closes at midnight London time on Tuesday 31st October 2017 and the winner will be announced in November 2017.

Heywood Hill calls itself the biggest little bookshop in the world with some justification. Last year’s inaugural prize draw attracted over 50,000 entries from 100 countries the winner Maridaela Villegas, a third year student at the University of Texas in Austin who said: ‘This prize has changed my life. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet to know that I have my own bookseller in London thinking about my reading every month and I can’t wait to open each beautiful package when they arrive. I have read so many different kinds of books these past few months, from the life of Tsar Nicholas II during the Russian Revolution to a man’s quest for assisted suicide in Switzerland with his sons, it has been an amazing literary journey. My reading horizons are expanding and it is all thanks to this very special British bookshop that I have never yet even visited!’

Karin Scherer, Heywood Hill bookseller commented; “This is a very special prize which any reader of books would love to win. The wonderful thing about Heywood Hill’s A Year In Books subscription is that it is so carefully tailored to each recipient. We finely tune our book selection to an individual’s reading preferences. As with all our A Year In Book subscribers, we will find out as much as possible about the winner’s reading habits so we can get to know them, and their likes and dislikes, to deliver a truly bespoke service”.

Heywood Hill’s popular A Year in Books is the most personalised book subscription service in the world. It emerged from decades of tradition at Heywood Hill which has been informally sending books on a monthly basis to customers around the world, including loyal customers who have been receiving books from Heywood Hill for more than 40 years. In this digital age, we’re proud that, as a small independent bookshop, we continue to shape and influence the reading habits of book lovers around the globe

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