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Today Mandie has a quick short read to share with us all – Watching You Sleep by Angela Clarke.

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A deliciously dark short story compendium by Angela Clarke, author of The Sunday Times bestselling Social Media Murder Series. Have you ever loved someone enough to die for them? What about kill? Featuring psychologically compelling stories Watching You Sleep and Hewn Stones.

After reading a couple of Angela Clarke’s books when I had the opportunity to download the short stories in Watching You Sleep from Instafreebie it seemed like too good to miss. My past experiences with short stories have always been a bit marmite… I either love them or I hate them.  For the majority though they do fall in the love them category. Despite my mixed experiences I like to have these sorts of books in my TBR pile for when I just need a change of pace and a break from more challenging reads. Watching You Sleep and Hewn Stones definitely fell into the love them category.

Watching You Sleep was the shortest of the stories at only 6 pages long. It’s a story of jealousy and what can happen when it gets out of control. When I started reading it I had a very firm idea in my mind as to how this story was going to end and although I was not wrong in my impressions, I was totally wrong as to why it happened. You do not know the name of the main character as it is written as a letter which is why it works so well. It’s hard to say much more than this without giving the story away but I am not sure that it needed to be any longer than it was.

Hewn Stones was slightly different as it took over the majority of the book. It tells the tale of a woman who ends up pregnant by her boss and is led to believe that he will now leave his wife… a tale that has been told many times in many different ways. That being said you just know that this story is not going to have a happy ending. It also did not end the way I thought that it would. Again due to it being such a short story it is hard to say too much about it but if you are looking for a quick read and love Angela Clarke’s books then I don’t think that this will disappoint.

With thanks to the author and Instafreebie for the copy of Watching You Sleep


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