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Today I’m delighted to welcome author CJ Harter to the blog to help me spread a little more #booklove. We’ll be delving into Chris’ favourite books in just a moment, but lets find out a little bit more about Chris.

About CJ Harter


CJ Harter has dissected human bodies in Sheffield, shushed library-users in Wigan, shared poetry in Liverpool, and organised bedbaths in Salford. Now she lives to write. First novel, psychological suspense “Rowan’s Well”, is garnering fabulous 5 star reviews. Soon-to-be-published paranormal novel “Fitful Head”, a contemporary ghost story, recently won second prize in one international novel-writing contest and has made the short-list for another. CJ has a degree in Literature and Philosophy, is mother to two adults, wife to one and slave to two tiny dogs.

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RWRowans Well

Who’s the one person you’d trust with your life? Think again.

Mark Strachan has everything: good looks, beautiful, doting wife, great job, loyal best friend… and a secret flaw that goes to his very core. A deep secret he’ll wreck lives to protect.

Mark’s life is about to change. He’s going to commit an act so shocking there’ll be no going back. Unless someone can stop him.

At Rowan’s Well, on North Yorkshire’s rugged cliffs, Mark will force his family, and best friend Will, to face the consequences of loving a man like him.

At Rowan’s Well, it’s hard to tell where love ends and hatred begins…


Childhood Sweetheart
Favourite book from childhood

The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Though I’m born and bred in Manchester, UK, this Florida-set story of Jody and his love for Flag, a baby deer, has stayed with me. Heart-wrenching


First love
The first book you fell in love with

The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter. I read it when I was around 17, not much older than the heroine, Melanie. It has everything: tragedy, comedy, first love, adventure, mystery, wicked uncle, suspense, sexual tension. Read it!


Biggest book crush
The book character you’re totally in love with

Has to be Aragorn from The Lord Of The Rings, and that was even before he was portrayed on film by the divine Viggo Mortensen! Aged eleven, I was seriously ill with glandular fever, missed a whole school term, confined to bed, watched loads of Bette Davis films and read Pickwick Papers and The Lord Of The Rings for the first (but by no means the last) times. I’m sure those feverish weeks shaped my imagination for future writing.


Weirdest book crush
Well… duh

I guess Iain Banks can be pretty weird – Walking On Glass, The Bridge – but I love him. If anyone can tell me what on earth is happening in Walking On Glass, I’d be grateful. I once saw a woman on the train reading it. We had a lengthy discussion about it at the end of which neither of us were any the wiser.

Hardest break up
The book you didn’t want to end

Gosh, there are so many. I guess The Stand by Stephen King is one of those. You get so wrapped up in the characters and their fates, you feel you’re living that appalling life with them. Mind you, the book is so long you pretty much are living with them


The one that got away
The book in your TBR or wish list that you regret not having started yet.

I love Hilary Mantel. I have A Place Of Greater Safety on my bookshelf waiting for me, tantalising. I so love that title. But it’s such a long novel, I keep waiting for a time when I can get stuck into it, uninterrupted


Secret love
Guilty Reading pleasure

I have no guilt about my reading pleasures. I’ll read anything and everything. Eclectic tastes and no shame (Good on ya)

Love one, love them all
Favourite series or genre

I love the Simon Serrailler crime novels by Susan Hill. Not many novelists can make me cry thirteen pages into the fourth book of a crime series. That’s the power of her writing. There will be no more and I’m devastated


Your latest squeeze
Favourite read of the last 12 months

Has to be The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I adored this book. I loved the two young protagonists, and cared so much I almost threw the book across the room in one moment of unbearable tension. It’s a great page-turning thriller, a family saga, and a meditation on art and how we live with it.


Blind date for a friend
If you were to set a friend up with a blind date (book) which one would it be?

I’m always trying to get friends to read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. It’s a superb, unique take on a ghost story, and it inspired me to write “Fitful Head”, my upcoming novel, a modern ghost story. I can’t recommend Sarah Waters highly enough. Read anything by her. They’re all brilliant.


Greatest love of all
Favourite book of all time.

This has to be Anne Of Green Gables by LM Montgomery. Anne Shirley was my best friend, as a kid. She was my role model and helped me through some challenging times, encouraging me to stand up for myself. In fact, she still is my role model, feisty, bright and flame-haired.


Thanks Chris, some absolutely wonderful choices here. Anne of Green Gables getting the big tick again. And good to see some Iain Banks making an appearance too. You know i was addicted to Stephen KIng as a child but I have to say I couldn’t get in the zone to read The Stand. It was so huuuuuuuge. And I really must check out some Susan Hill. Can you believe I’ve never read any of her books?

What do you think folks? Any books in here tickle your fancy? Do you have any other bookish suggestions you think might fit in with this list?

Do stop by next week when lovely blogger Stephanie Rothwell joins me to share a little more #booklove.

Have a brilliant weekend of reading all and it you’re in the UK, enjoy the Bank Holiday!


5 thoughts on “#Booklove: CJ Harter @cj_harter

  1. Every few months I have a post that reminds me to read The Goldfinch, so again, I have to get onto it! As for the others, have just noted The Little Stranger. Excellent post, and I look forward to reading Rowan’s Well!Thanks:)

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  2. If I’ve introduced a new reader to Sarah Waters, I’m thrilled. You’re in for a huge treat. And, yes, do get around to The Goldfinch. Still, there’s no rush: it’ll probably be another ten years before her next one!
    Thanks so much to Jen for giving me this opportunity to share my Book Love.
    Happy reading, CJ

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    1. One of the greatest pleasures of reading is to share what you love with friends, I feel. And when it’s such an incredible, twisty, question-begging story like The Little Stranger, I simply have to discuss it with others, or I’ll explode! I even peppered Sarah Waters herself with questions about it at a book-signing. She seemed genuinely thrilled I’d got so much from it.

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