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Today it is my absolute pleasure to welcome the fabulously lovely Lorraine from The Book Review Cafe to the blog to share her #bookloves. I love Lorraine’s blog and she is a totally wonderful lady and supportive book blogger too. Here is a little more about the lady herself.

About Lorraine


My name is Lorraine and I love books and coffee so there was only one thing to call my blog. I love reading and always have a book or my kindle in my hand, and more often than not a cup of good coffee. I especially enjoy reading Crime and psychological thrillers and these are the books I mostly review on my blog.

I started my blog in late August 2015 when I was off work after suffering an injury at work, I was bored one day and decided to start up a book blog. I never really thought about where my blog would lead, and never in a million years did I think any one would end up reading it, let alone follow me! or that I would be in contact with some of my favourite authors

I work full time so my life is pretty hectic, but I always find time to read and review books, although I do get frustrated that I am unable to read as much as I would like. My dream job would be reading and reviewing books from home with a cup of coffee in my hand (not sure if such a job exists, but I did say dream job!)

You can follow Lorraine on Twitter, Facebook and on her brilliant blog The Book Review Cafe.


Childhood Sweetheart
Favourite book from childhood

It would have to be the Ladybird books especially the well loved tales series. I used to read them time and time again, and years later I read them to my son. Every time I see a Ladybord cover I get all nostalgic.


First love
The first book you fell in love with

I would have to say the Peter and Jane reading books (the more mature readers cough, cough! will remember these.) I learnt to read using these books and from then on I just read and read! Again every time I see one of these books I get all nostalgic.


Biggest book crush
The book character you’re totally in love with

Hmmmm I’m not sure I’ve ever had a book crush on a character, does that make me weird? Now you’ve really got me thinking here I guess the closest I’ve gotten to a crush is Edward Cullen from the Twighlight series.


Weirdest book crush
Well… duh

Again very different to my normal reads but I absolutely loved the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, there were six books in the series and I read them back to back, I became obsessed with all things vampire 😂


Hardest break up
The book you didn’t want to end

The Mountain In My Shoe Louise Beech I soooo loved this book it has so many elements that made it such a special read, characters, settings, the attention to detail, the workings of the foster system all make this book something extra special. Louise Beech describes both characters and settings with such conviction the pages of this story come to life, and it really was a book that I didn’t want to end.


The one that got away
The book in your TBR or wish list that you regret not having started yet.

Sealskin by Su Bristow I really need to read this book, as I have only ever read glowing reviews about this book and it sounds very different to my usual type of read.


Secret love
Guilty Reading pleasure

As any one who follows my blog will know I’m a huge crime and psychological thriller love and I would say 98% of the books I read fit this genre, but every now and then when I get fed up with serial killers and twists I always turn to the awesome Christie Barlow her books aren’t just your usual RomCom this author provides the reader with so much more, her books have hidden depth, the dialogue is refreshing and superbly written and her characters are so well developed they feel like old friends by the time you reach the end of one of her books.


Love one, love them all
Favourite series or genre

You can’t beat a great crime series but there are so many that deserve a mention Robert Bryndza, Chris Carter, Angela Marsons, Peter James I could go on and on here…..they’ve all written fabulous series and all very different to each other. I’m a sucker for a good crime series

Your latest squeeze
Favourite read of the last 12 months

A Suitable Lie by Michael J Malone I absolutely loved this book I wasn’t sure what I expected but this book blew me away. The author has written a book that is both profound and insightful and brings a very little talked about subject into the open. I don’t feel comfortable saying I enjoyed this book considering the subject matter, what I will say is it’s beautifully written, heartbreaking and very realistic.


Blind date for a friend
If you were to set a friend up with a blind date (book) which one would it be?

It’s got to be Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough the book with #WTFthatending, it’s a book that seriously messes with your head, and I love that it’s one that can be hugely debated as you either love or hate the ending.


Greatest love of all
Favourite book of all time.

I would probably have to say Papillion by Henri Charrière, as it’s one of the few books I’ve read again and again. It’s an autobiographical novel about a man who in 1931 was charged with killing someone and he was sentenced to a life of hard labor at a penal colony in French Guiana. Fascinating stuff!


Thanks Lorraine. Some brilliant choices in there but then I am eually as obsessed with all things crime and thriller so that’s probably not much of a shock now is it ;). You absolutely must read Sealskin. I think you’ll love it. And I remember the Peter and Jane books very well. Of course they were clearly a hand me down from my much older siblings …

What do you think folks? Agree with Lorraine’s choices. Was Behind Her Eyes your Marmite book? I personally loved it. What did you think?

Do join me next week when I’ll have more #booklove to share, this time from Louise Walters and Abbie Rutherford.

Have a brilliant weekend all


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