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Today it’s my great pleasure to be taking part in the blog tour for Long Shot, the new Detective Joe Stone novel from Jack Steele. Picking up not long after the end of book one, it sees Joe and the team trying to track down a terrorist who has decimated one of the Capital’s greatest landmarks. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the book with you in just a moment, but first off, here is it’s all about.

Jack Steele_V3The Official Book Blurb

Detective Joe Stone and his team investigate a major terrorist attack on one of London’s most iconic buildings. They soon draw up a list of suspects who are highly respected members of the community and government.

When most of his team is attacked, it soon develops into a war of nerves and a race against time before a deadly weapon is unleashed with horrific consequences.


Now this is the first time I have read a Joe Stone novel but having completed it I know that as soon as I can I will be going back to read book one, Loose Cannon. This book had everything I like in a read: fast pacing, really likeable character and as twisting and exciting plot which immediately captures your attention and pulls you along with it. Although I think I’d know the various characters better if I had read book one, don’t let that put you off as this can easily be read as a standalone too.

In Long Shot the book opens with London being rocked, in some cases literally, by the bombing of a truly iconic landmark. with many dead and even more injured it is immediately assumed to be a terrorist attack. And yet no group calls to claim responsibility and there really are no clear motives for the attack. Joe Stone’s unit is put in charge of the investigation, their remit now extended to cover the whole or London and not just Tower Hamlets. They find a key witness to the bombing whose life is under threat and soon one of their own is placed in great jeopardy too. And with a number of key dignitaries also coming under attack it is a race against time to find out just who is responsible.

Joe Stone is a really intriguing character. There is some back story surrounding him, his girlfriend who disappeared some time before who has now mysteriously reappeared. The reasons for her disappearance are still unknown but Joe is more intrigued by the man who returned her – someone who he has had run ins with in the past. Joe is a clear leader in the team and a wholly likable character who I took to immediately. That’s just as well as the majority of the story is told from his point of view, the few exceptions being when we are with the so far mysterious person behind the bombings.

The pacing really adds to the drama in the story, the chapters short and fast, each ending in an almost mini cliff hanger type moment. This was a really unique device, not something I’d seen before, dropping that seed of an idea and making you want to know just what was going to happen next. If I’m honest I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, but it definitely made me intrigued to read more and probably kept me reading way longer into the night than I should have done given I had an early start for work the following day. Whoops.

The story itself is full of twists and turns and a number of red herrings. It certainly kept me guessing and I probably changed my mind half a dozen times over who I thought had done it. I’m really intrigued to know more about Joe and his girlfriend, Gemma, especially the ties to mafia hit man Marcos Viletta. And I’ll definitely be reading more of the series to see how that all plays out. I’m also waiting with baited breath to see how serving the whole of London changes things for Joe and the rest of the Strategic Investigation Unit. I can’t help thinking their lives just got a whole lot more complicated.

My thanks to author Jack Steele for the advance copy of Long Shot for review. It is available now from the following retailers.

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About the Author

Jack Steele

I was born in Hackney, London and grew up on the Bannister House Housing Estate in Hommerton. I now live in Nottinghamshire and married with two grown up children who now have lives of their own, leaving me time to indulge in my favourite passions, reading and writing. I still work full-time in the printing industry which is where I have been for the past 40 years. On many occasions it interferes with my writing, working extra hours or weekends, so it can be a balancing act but one I seem to manage along with an understanding wife of course.

I spent five years researching books, magazines, documentaries, movies and internet articles on various subjects as well as completing a creative writing course and attending workshops run by the Nottingham Writers Studio.

It was a great achievement in 2016 when I published my first Crime Thriller novel ‘Loose Cannon’ with great reviews. It was the first in the Detective Joe Stone series and I was encouraged to write the sequel ‘Long Shot’ which is due for publication on July 29th 2017.

My writing style is a fast-paced page turner with cliff hangers, moral dilemmas and believable characters.

I would like to thank all my readers, editors, bloggers and Crime book club friends who like you Jen have been so supportive through this process. Your encouragement drives me on to write the next book in the series.


You can purchase the first book in the Joe Stone series, Loose Cannon, here:

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