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Today I’m delighted to welcome Dr and Author, Carol Cooper to Jen Med’s to help spread a little more #booklove. We’ll find out all about Carol’s favourite reads as soon as we’ve found out a little more about the woman herself.

About Carol

Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper is a doctor, journalist, and author.  Following a string of popular child health titles and an award-winning medical textbook, she turned to fiction with her acclaimed debut novel One Night at the Jacaranda.  Her latest novel Hampstead Fever has been picked by WH Smith for a high profile promotion in their travel bookstores.

You can follow Carol on Twitter, Facebook and her website, Pills & Pillow Talk

One Night at the Jacaranda

ONATJ.jpgOne man dying of cancer. One struggling journalist. A group of single Londoners. One night that changes everything…

The trouble with speed dating is that three minutes can last a lifetime, and ever since he was diagnosed, Sanjay doesn’t have a lifetime to waste.

For one booze and hope-fuelled night, the lives of a group of 30-somethings criss-cross. As well as Sanjay, lawyer Laure, divorced doctor Geoff, beleaguered mother-of-four Karen and traumatised ex-con Dan all face each other across the Jacaranda’s tables in their quest for love, solace or amazing sex.

Undercover journalist Harriet is after a by-line, not a boyfriend. She’s a struggling freelance with a live-in lover, who unexpectedly has to choose between the comfortable life she knows and a bumpy road that could lead to happiness.

As they each discover in turn, relationships aren’t just about finding someone special. They’re about finding yourself.

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Hampstead Fever

Ex-con Dan has it all. The perfect job and a new baby with his dream woman. So why is he still an outsider?

Laure had baby Jack late in life. It’s only natural she’s a little over-protective. Motherhood is terrifying.

After surviving serious illness, Sanjay’s got his life back. Now he wants adventure. Where does that leave girlfriend Harriet?

Karen’s love life is reduced to casual sex with the football coach. As a divorcee with four kids, romance is on her to-do list, just below the laundry.

Doctor Geoff’s relationship with actress Daisy is bound to be a bit dramatic. But why all the mystery?

A slice of contemporary multi-cultural London life to make you laugh, cry, and nod in recognition.

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