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Today I’m handing back over to Mandie who has a review of Bored of the Rings by Rich Amooi. Before we hear Mandie’s thoughts, here is what the book is about.

BOTRThe Official Book Blurb

Two-time divorcee Abby Maxwell needs another man in her life like she needs a third butt cheek. Her eccentric, free-spirited Aunt Greta wholeheartedly disagrees and dishes out unsolicited dating advice based on her five marriages. But when a jaw-dropping gorgeous architect waltzes into town to build a resort on Abby’s favorite hiking spot, she will do anything to stop him, including befriending him.

Though Abby and James are at odds property-wise, things spice up in this fast-paced romantic comedy over late night Scrabble games and hotter-than-hell Chinese food, leaving Abby to wonder if the property that really needs protecting is the one around her heart.

I first came across Rich Amooi when I read Kissing Frogs as a free kindle download, so when I had the chance to read his latest book I didn’t hesitate to say yes. In Bored of the Rings we meet Abby Maxwell, her Aunt Greta and James Wilson.

Abby works for her aunt in her jewellery store. Although she doesn’t hate what she does, she starts to think there must be more she could be doing with her life after she has been divorced twice and is in her fifties. In contrast to this Greta, in her 70’s and has divorced five times yet still has a great zest for life. James is new to the area and an architect by trade sent by the company he works for to acquire a local property to be developed into a golf course.

After announcing at her birthday celebrations that she has sworn off men, Greta presents Abby with tickets to a seminar to “find herself”. Only going because of how much her aunt paid for the tickets, Abby bumps (quite literally at one point) into James. From the start they seem to rub each other up the wrong way. At times their meetings are quite comical and if there was food around it was probably safer to be as far away from either of them as possible.

Abby does seem rather accident prone and despite her age is as full of self-doubt. She desperately wants to hate James (initially because he is male… and all men are the devil) because he is there to destroy a local beauty spot enjoyed by both locals and visitors. The problem with this is that James has a dog called Scrabble who ends up with her for a time due to a dog sitting incident. James has a wicked sense of humour and despite coming off worse most of the times that he and Abby meet (the best for me involved a hot curry and some yoghurt) he genuinely likes Abby.

While I liked the fact that Aunt Greta goes through life without a care what anyone thinks…possibly due to her age, there was one element that after a while just got on my nerves. Whenever Greta did not agree with Abby she used the phrase “Good Gravy”. Now I am sure that if we paid real attention to people and what they said we all have a phrase that we use frequently… with teenagers it seems to be “like” or “you know” but there was something about this phrase and the amount of times it was used that just drove me nuts. That being said she was a fun lady who could flirt up a storm at a moment’s notice and used just about every double entendre going.

Now I am not sure that you could describe Bored of the Rings as chic lit as traditionally the characters are in their twenty somethings but it does have that feel about it. There is the usual girl meets boy but they have lots of misunderstandings followed by the inevitable moment where all misunderstandings are forgiven and there is the happy ending. What I loved about this book though was the very fact that the central characters were in their 50’s and yet they were still going through the same things you would expect from characters in their 20’s and it had me laughing quite a lot at some of the situations. For those of you who enjoy chic lit then I would recommend this book and maybe check out one or two others by this author.

My thanks to the author for providing a copy of the book for review. Bored of the Rings is available to purchase now from the following retailers.

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