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Today I’m welcoming author Susanna Beard to the blog to help spread a little #BookLove. Before we hear all about Susanna’s secret crush, let’s find out a little more about Susanna and her book, Dare To Remember.

About Susanna


Originally a linguist, I’ve always loved words and writing. My career to date both demands and celebrates writing.

“I discovered that the slope of writing to order is a slippery one, and that the descent is in fact pleasurable.” Elena Ferrante.

Writing fiction is new and joyous for me. It offers a freedom from constraint which is refreshing and full of wonder.

I like dark, contemplative stories with a twist. I’m fascinated by the psychology of relationships and the impact of insignificant events on people’s lives.

You can follow Susanna on social media: Twitter | Facebook or her website www.susannabeard.com

DTRDare To Remember

Reeling from a brutal attack that leaves her best friend dead and her badly injured, Lisa Fulbrook flees to the countryside to recuperate. With only vague memories of the event, she isolates herself from her friends and family, content to spend her days wandering the hills with her dog, Riley.

However, Lisa is soon plagued, not only by vivid flashbacks, but questions, too: how did their assailant know them? Why were they attacked? And what really happened that night?

As she desperately tries to piece together the memories, Lisa realises that there’s another truth still hidden to her, a truth she can’t escape from. A truth that may have been right in front of her all along.

A clever, sophisticated, psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah.

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Childhood Sweetheart
Favourite book from childhood

Winnie-the-Pooh. Love Pooh, love Tigger, love Piglet and absolutely adore Eeyore.


First love
The first book you fell in love with

The House of the Spirits – Isabel Allende. Wow. Such a feeling of mystery, such compelling writing.


Biggest book crush
The book character you’re totally in love with

Pooh Bear (I know, I know) – but he is just the bee’s knees.


Weirdest book crush
Well… duh

Bleak House – Charles Dickens (I absolutely loved it! I may not now, if I were to reread it…)


Hardest break up
The book you didn’t want to end

So many to choose from!

All the Light we Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

When God was a Rabbit – Sarah Winman

Burial Rites – Hannah Kent

My Brilliant Friend – Elena Ferrante

All of Isabel Allende’s books…

The one that got away
The book in your TBR or wish list that you regret not having started yet.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer. I heard him talk about it on the radio and was hooked.


Secret love
Guilty Reading pleasure

Pooh Bear, of course. And His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman. Wonderful imagery, darkness and light.


Love one, love them all
Favourite series or genre

Favourite genre – Noir: domestic/Nordic. Love Wallander (Henning Mankel) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium series) (Stieg Larsson)


Your latest squeeze
Favourite read of the last 12 months

All the Light We Cannot See (above) – just in awe of the writing style


Blind date for a friend
If you were to set a friend up with a blind date (book) which one would it be?

I’d have to send him/her to Iceland, to read Burial Rites (like I did!)


Greatest love of all
Favourite book of all time.

Aargh – that’s just cruel.

Ooooh. Wimped out on that last question there Susanna. 😉 You’d get on well with my sister. She loves Pooh Bear too. I agree on the Nordic Noir. I’m reading some fabulous titles lately but not read any Stieg Larsson yet. How bad am I?

So do you agree with Susanna. Are you a Pooh fan? My eldest sister would say yes (because she’s a willy nilly silly old bear), but my middle sis loves Eeyore (she’s pessimistic and gloomy) and I’m more of Tigger gal seeing as how I’m so fun, fun, fun, fun and bouncy like.  And (thankfully), like Tigger I’m the only one 😉 hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooooo…

Make sure to stop by next week when Pam O’Shea and Beth Webb will be helping me spread a little more #booklove.

Have a brill day of reading (and bouncing)




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  1. Great list, many of our favourites here. 🙂 Now we have “All the light we cannot see” on our list, thank you!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and the best of all summers!
    Warm greetings from Norway,
    The Fab Four of Cley

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