Rewind, recap: weekly update w/e 18/06/17

Whitby Abbey – The inspiration for Dracula.

Thought I’d go a bit gothic this week. It’s still in keeping with the theme of books as this is Whitby Abbey, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula which, incidentally, was part of the focus for my extended essay for by A’ Level in English Literature. Just saying…

Of course that was many, many (many, many, many) years ago and this was actually my first visit to Whitby. I once sort of visited the area when I was a nipper, but we are talking decades ago and I have only a very vague recollection of perhaps visiting Flamingo Land. Certainly, in spite of an obsession with horror movies from an early age, I knew nothing of the legend of Dracula. Well, nothing beyond the odd Christopher Lee Hammer Horror film and George Hamilton’s Love at First Bite. Loved that film 😀

Anyway. I digress. In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’ve been on holiday the past fortnight, sampling the delights of the Perthshire and Yorkshire countryside. Due to the unique nature of the British summer, I have managed to come home with two wonderful souvenirs – a cold from Scotland and Sunburn from Scarborough. While I have been sunning (and freezing) myself, I have managed to squeeze in a few books, buy a few more, knock some from my Netgalley backlog and request some more to grow my Netgalley backlog once again. As you do.

Isn’t he cute?  Baby Kestrel at Pickering Castle

Arriving home on Saturday I came back to two bits of book post, one expected as I’d ordered it off Amazon and one not so that was a pleasant surprise. I also have a little card from the post man informing me that I have a box waiting in their sorting office but I already know what that is – my signed copy of Love Me Not by MJ Arlidge. After having the joy of my review being quoted on his facebook page, I think this will be an extra special addition to my signed firsts collection. Yes. I am that sad and I don’t care.

So. What else did I get? Well first off, the first four Dr Who Mr Men books, Dr First, Dr Fourth, Dr Eleventh and Dr Twelfth. I couldn’t resist. There are more out in August and Dr Tenth is out in time for Christmas. Bet that one is popular (David Tennant as a Mr Men book lol.) I also received two very cryptic post cards and then a book with a third post card – this time The Unquiet Dead by Ausma Zehanat Khan, courtesy of No Exit Press and Oldcastle Books. Love it and can’t wait to get stuck in. My first bit of peculiar book post. I feel like a real blogger now. 😉


Another bit of bookish post I received was the first of the tickets for events at Bloody Scotland in September. I’m dragging my sister and occasional guest blogger Mandie along under duress (not) so really looking forward to it.

Scarborough Beach

Book purchase/Netgalley wise, I’d like to say I’ve been good. I mean I can say it, right? It just doesn’t necessarily make it true… Aside from the four Mr Men books (which barely count) I may have done a few orders/pre-orders. First up was Anarchy Chained by J.A. Huss. I have her other books so it seemed rude not to. And who doesn’t like a Superhero? Sort of… Then those cruel and evil folk over at Bookouture only went and announced two more fabulous looking crime thrillers so of course, I was duty bound to pre-order them both. First up is Watching You by Stephen Edger to be released on August 17th and then there was Buried Secrets by T.J. Brearton, due for released on August 18th. You know. Just in case you were tempted.

Just the one Netgalley book this week which was Yesterday by Felicia Yap. I met Felicia at Crimefest a few weeks ago and already have the book on pre-order but I’m really looking forward to it and couldn’t resist. I need an intervention. I really do.

Despite being busy all week touring Yorkshire and making the most of some amazing sites and brilliant weather (hence the aforementioned sunburn), I have managed to read through four eight books this week. One was only a fifty page short, one was an audio book we started when travelling down from Scotland last weekend, and four of them were the Mr Men books so not exactly challenging, but I still think this is quite an achievement as I’ve also been compiling blog posts and haven’t really stopped for the past two weeks. And books are books. They all count 😀

A bee hard at work at Castle Howard

I’ve bee-n really busy too! It was one of those ‘going back to work for a rest’ kind of holidays. Love it.


Spooky stuff huh? Rievaulx Abbey. Definitely recommended as it is an extensive set of ruins and very atmospheric, tucked away in a small valley just north of Helmsley on the edge of the North York Moors.

Books I have read

TSTwo Sisters by Kerry Wilkinson

They told us he had been missing for nearly two days, that he probably drowned. They told us a lie.

Megan was ten years old when her older brother, Zac, went missing among the cliffs, caves and beaches that surround the small seaside town of Whitecliff.

A decade later and a car crash has claimed the lives of her parents.

Megan and her younger sister Chloe return to Whitecliff one summer for the first time since their brother’s disappearance. Megan says it’s to get her parents’ affairs in order. There are boxes to pack, junk to clear, a rundown cottage to sell. But that’s not the real reason.

Megan has come to confront her family’s past after receiving a postcard on the day of her parents’ funeral. It had a photograph of Whitecliff on the front and a single letter on the back.

‘Z’ is all it read.

Z for Zac.

A totally gripping psychological thriller that will have fans of Louise Jensen, The Girl on the Train and The Silent Child absolutely hooked.

I read this in preparation for the blog tour later this week. Very atmospheric this is a gripping tale centred around Megan and her sister Chloe. Megan is determined to find out what happened to their older brother Zach who disappeared from the family holiday home ten years earlier but someone else is determined to stop her from finding the truth. Really enjoyed this one and you can find out how much on launch day, Friday, but until then you can also pre-order the book here.

BFBongo Fury by Simon Maltman

From the Bestselling author of A Chaser on the Rocks and More Faces, comes the noir novella series: Bongo Fury. Follow Maltman’s new protagonist as he tries to balance a music shop, his paramilitary family, a newborn, a little drug dealing and a spot of private detection.

A black comedy from the fresh new voice in Northern Irish Crime Fiction.

Just a short book at fifty pages but no less fun. This story features Jimmy Black who is drawn into a  very tense situation when asked by a friend for one small favour. Short but sweet this i a great introduction to these new characters and although I can;t say too much about it without giving the whole thing away, I really did like Jimmy and his brother and the humour within this flows from every page. You can order a copy of the book here.

WFSMWhisky From Small Glasses by Denzil Meyrick

DCI Jim Daley is sent from the city to investigate a murder after the body of a woman is washed up on an idyllic beach on the West Coast of Scotland. Far away from urban resources, he finds himself a stranger in a close-knit community.

Love, betrayal, fear and death stalk the small town, as Daley investigates a case that becomes more deadly than he could possibly imagine, in this compelling Scottish crime novel infused with intrigue and dark humour.

Oh my life. We started listening to this book as we made out way from Perthshire to North Yorkshire and the one thing I will say is that we were immediately drawn to the dark humour and the honest way in which this book was written. DCI Daley is a fabulous character and after just one book I have fallen in love with this series. Thankfully I have the others on audio too so catching up is not going to be a problem. You can order a copy of the book here and my review will be posted in the coming weeks.

TBLWICSThe Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square by Lilly Bartlett

When Emma’s boyfriend Daniel pops the question with a ring the size of a small country, she suddenly realises just how different they are. She’s the Eastenders to his Made in Chelsea. She wants a low-key wedding with close friends and family in Uncle Colin’s pub, while Daniel’s mother is expecting a society do that their high-brow guests won’t forget!

How on earth can Emma put together a celebration fit for Lords and Ladies on a shoestring budget? Not to mention the fact her cross-dressing Uncle Barbara wants to be a bridesmaid, her best mate Kelly can’t stand Daniel’s best friend Cressida, and her dad is too proud to accept any help from Daniel’s family towards the costs.

There’s three months to go until the big day. Will Emma’s happy-ever-after end in disaster?

So. In a couple of weeks I am on the blog tour for the new book by author Lilly Bartlett. Like a tool, when preparing I managed to start reading the wrong book. 😀 Still, at least I am now familiar with the characters and I am now back on the right track. Absolutely loved this first offering about the trials of trying to appease two very different families while planning the perfect wedding on an extremely minute budget. I am sure it is something a lot of people can identify with. Not me of course. I’m not daft enough to get married. I’ll have my reviewing for this brilliant rom-com up a couple of days ahead of my blog tour spot but in the meantime why not get to know Emma and Daniel by purchasing your own copy right here?


Dr Who: Dr. First by Adam Hargreaves

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here!

Dr. First stars William Hartnell’s First Doctor on an amazing adventure through time and space, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Loved it. Anyone who has ever seen a William Hartnell episode or read any of the old Dr Who books totally needs to read this book. You can buy it here. Short, sweet and pitting the Dr against one of his greatest foes this did make me smile.

D4thDr Who: Dr. Fourth by Adam Hargreaves

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here!

Dr. Fourth stars Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor on an amazing adventure through time and space, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Loved Tom Baker as Dr Who. And he has the scarf! Totally reminded of the show in reading this and I chuckled out loud at this one, waking my dog in the process. You can purchase a copy here.


Dr Who: Dr Eleventh by Adam Hargreaves

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here!

Dr. Eleventh stars Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor on an amazing adventure through time and space, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Yep. This one was pure Matt Smith. Love or loathe this incarnation it has captured the essence of Smith’s Who perfectly, complete with a cameo from River Song. You can purchase the book here.


Dr Who: Dr. Twelfth by Adam Hargreaves

The greatest mash-up in the entire Whoniverse is here!

Dr. Twelfth stars Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor on an amazing adventure through time and space, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

I won’t lie. In spite of being a fan of Peter Capaldi and actually quite liking his gruff imagining of the Dr (what can I say – I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent), I’ve not really seen the past couple of series so can’t comment too much. But is did have echoes of our current Dr and you can purchase the book here.

Can’t wait for the other books. Is it sad that I’m really looking forward to Dr Second (Patrick Troughton was one scary dude – still remember him in The Omen) and Dr Fifth (Peter Davison was my era’s Doctor) and especially the Christmas book, Dr Tenth? If it is I don’t care ;p. I love Mr Men. These books are fab. Happy days.

So there you have it. My reading week in a nut shell. Big. Like coco’nut’ sized. I’ve had a busy old week blogging wise too with a post every day again. I’m getting good at this. It can’t last.

#BookLove: Linda MacDonald

Guest Post: Paul Harrison, author of Revenge of the Malakim

#BlogTour Review: Wolves in the Dark by Gunnar Staalesen

#BlogTour: Guest Post – James Hazel author of The Mayfly

#BlogTour Review: The Serial Killer’s Daughter

Novella Review: Bongo Fury by Simon Maltman

#BookLove – Lainy of So Many Books, So Little Time

#BlogTour Review: Liar by K.L. Slater

Back to work this week (boo hiss) but I have booked to go to Crime In The Court next week so I will break up the monotony ahead of Harrogate in July. I also have another full week on the blog with some #BookLove with Morton S Gray and Susanna Beard as well as blog tour posts for Casey Kelleher’s The Betrayed, Kerry Wilkinson’s Two Sisters and an extract from We Have Lost The Coffee by Paul Mathews.

Hope you have a brilliant week of reading all. I’m off to try and remember how to do my job. Not sure I was ever that clued up to begin with…


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