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Morning all. Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome blogger Anne Cater of Random Things Through My Letterbox to help spread a little #BookLove. Before we find out just which is Anne’s favourite childhood book here is a little bit more about the blogger behind the blog.

About Anne

ACWhen I was a small child at primary school I ordered a book called ‘Free Stuff for Kids’, and that’s when my obsession with receiving things through the post began. Now I’m 50 and I still receive random items on a weekly basis. Books, hair dye, loaves of bread, stop-snoring devices are just a few of the delights I’ve opened recently. So, I thought I’d share my delights with everyone else. I’m not talking about bills and takeaway menus – everyone receives those. I’ll review the books, test out the products – or get someone to test them for me. If you’d like to send something to arrive through my letter box, please do and I’ll let you know what I think of it. I work at at our local Hospice, and also do some freelance PR and Admin for publishers. I live in Lincolnshire. I’ve been married to Martin since 1998, we have two rascal cats, Costa and Nero.

Anne always provides a wonderful mixture of book reviews as well as a feature segment, My Life In Books, in which she taps into the favourite and most memorable reads of a variety of authors. She is a real advocate of all things booky and a supporter of authors and bloggers alike. You can follow Anne and her blog on the following sites:

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Childhood Sweetheart
Favourite book from childhood

When Marnie Was There by Joan G Robinson ~ I was so taken with Anna and Marnie, my copy fell to pieces years ago, but I recently tracked down another one – exactly the same edition as my original


First love
The first book you fell in love with

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough – I’d always loved reading, but this book was the first book that really swept me away, and made me realise about the power of words.


Biggest book crush
The book character you’re totally in love with

Roux from Chocolat by Joanne Harris ….. I love a bad boy!


Weirdest book crush
Well… duh

I don’t think I have one!

Hardest break up
The book you didn’t want to end

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini


The one that got away
The book in your TBR or wish list that you regret not having started yet.

There are so many, but I really really need to get to The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley, it’s the third in The Seven Sisters series and I have adored the first two –  I need to find a space to just read read read.


Secret love
Guilty Reading pleasure

I don’t feel guilty about it, but some people do mock; I love Dan Brown’s books!


Love one, love them all
Favourite series or genre

The Inspector Grace series by Peter James – I’ve enjoyed every single one.  I don’t tend to read a lot of series though


Your latest squeeze
Favourite read of the last 12 months

There are too many to choose!

(I can totally believe that – for a sample of Anne’s review selection just take a look here…)

Blind date for a friend
If you were to set a friend up with a blind date (book) which one would it be?


Greatest love of all
Favourite book of all time.

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Ooh. That’s a second vote for Dan Brown now. I’m going to have to take a sneaky peek aren’t I? And The Thorn Birds… I remember by sisters watching the TV adapatation of that. I was clearly far too young to understand it (sort of ish) but I do remember Richard Chamberlain!

What do you think guys? Good selection? Has the list inspired you to get out and read some more books? I know that I’m hopeless and need to get my Peter James reading hat on. I have the books just not read them yet but I’m going to have to bump them up the list I think.

Do join me next week when I’ll be sharing some more #booklove with Rose Servitova and Kate Field.

Have a brilliant weekend all


10 thoughts on “#BookLove – Anne Cater (@annecater)

  1. OMG, The Thorn Birds! My mom chose my name because of this!! My first birth name is Meggy 😀 She only changed the last letters so we would all have an Y in our names! I’ve always wondered why she chose to call me that when you know the story, haha!!!
    I bought Dead Simple last week, can’t wait to read it!
    Fab post, I loved learning more about the fabulous Anne! xxx

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  2. Gosh, The Thorn Birds. Blast from the past! I’m feeling all nostalgic now!

    Second time The DaVinci Code is mentioned as a guilty pleasure. I never really understood the bad rap that book got. It’s an incredible thriller, in my most humble opinion.

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