Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 30/04/17


Ok. So this is the closest I got to nature this week – a picture. Lordy this has been a week and a half. Metaphorically speaking as actually it has been only a normal week of seven days since my last update but you get the picture.

What I mean is that I have been busy. Very busy. Partly pleasure but mostly pain. I mean work.  I’ve been working. Very hard. Sort of. No travel but I did have a rather intense but productive meeting with my direct reports at the start of the week before an afternoon off on Tuesday and another intense day on Wednesday where I’m not sure exactly what it was I achieved but know I was busy. Then a day and a half of Leadership conference with work. An interesting couple of days where we had updates on major projects and initiatives from the senior managers and a guest speaker – none other than Kevin Keegan. Yes that one. The footballist not the Kevin Keegan who works for me in Dublin. Easy to get the two confused I would imagine. Apart from the age. And the accent. Continue reading “Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 30/04/17”

#AroundTheUKIn144Books – the update @brilliantbooks @gilbster1000 @thebooktrailer


So. It’s been a while huh? Well despite not having published a proper update for the past couple of months, we have all still been busy. Busy working, busy living and most importantly busy reading. We’ve been gradually ticking off counties from our challenge targets, but I’ve got to be honest here – speaking personally I’ve been struggling to get outside of the M25. You wouldn’t believe how many books are set in the capital, especially as I read a lot of crime/thriller type of books. Well… you probably would as London is a hotbed of dodgy deals and even dodgier characters now isn’t it. I mean it’s the home of our beloved government for one thing… Continue reading “#AroundTheUKIn144Books – the update @brilliantbooks @gilbster1000 @thebooktrailer”