Blog Tour: My Beautiful Disaster – The Road to Publication (@joannahughes77; @emmamitchellfpr)

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for My Beautiful Disaster. I’ll be bringing you a Q&A with author J.D. Hughes in a moment on her road to publication but first things first – here is what the book is all about.

MBD coverThe Official Book Blurb

Daniel Dukes, millionaire extraordinaire has it all. A thriving business, good looks, power, money and women who’ll drop their drawers at the click of his skilled fingers. Just how he likes it. Everything changes one day when a stipulation in his deceased Uncle’s will, scuppers his visionary plans. The only way to get what’s rightfully his, is to marry. Who? It doesn’t matter, because the enigmatic bachelor will stop at nothing and play dirty to get what is his.

Sophia Lewis had nothing until she started working directly for Daniel at Dukes Industries. Having grown up in care, she’s tough, has an answer for everything and knows how to handle all varieties of men. For two years, Sophia has attended to her overbearing boss’ every whim. Gone above and beyond the call of duty.

When an indecent proposal presents itself, boundaries are pushed and limits are tested. Can Daniel and Sophia remain professional to fool the dead Uncle’s Lawyers? As lines become blurred and tempers become frayed, can two strong willed souls be the key to unlock each other’s hidden secrets? Or will the high price of the deal come at a devastating cost to them both?

*Warning* Mature themes and one hell of a cliff hanger!

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Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 09/04/17


Lovely weather we’ve had this past weekend don’t you think? I’ve had some brilliant walking time and some all important thinking time as a result. A very tough day on Friday as I found out that another member of my team had lost their battle with cancer. It’s the second one from the same depot in just over a month and so very tough for all of the guys there and of course for his family. It kind of puts everything into perspective too though and makes you thankful for everything you have. This weekend, I have been thankful for living in the wonderful county of Shropshire, for which I am often afforded beautiful views such as this one.  Continue reading “Rewind, recap – weekly round up w/e 09/04/17”