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Tara’s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers. She’s not sure how Madame Vine’s Escort Agency got her number. And then there’s the eccentric motorcycle racing team owner, Bolo Ignatius. Both these clients want to Tara to investigate suspicious circumstances that turn up dead bodies.

That can only mean one thing in this town: John Viaspa. Tara goes in for round two with the local crime boss, while balancing the tight rope of her deliciously complicated love life.

Tara Sharp’s life can only be describe as furious fun.


Sharp Turn by Marianne Delacourt is the second book in the Tara Sharp series about a Private Investigator with an unusual gift – she can see people’s auras.

With Tara’s PI business taking off she now finds herself juggling two different clients, Madame Vine who runs an escort agency and Bolo Ignatius a motorcycle racing team owner.

After a spate of dead animals being left on the doorstep of her business and several threatening text messages, Madame Vine hires Tara to find out if one of her employees is behind it all or if it is something more sinister.  When her assistant Audrey is shot dead on the front doorstep it is clear that this is not a straightforward case.

When hunky businessman Nike Tozzi contacted Tara with a business proposition for her she knew she would not say no.  Bolo Ignatius needed someone to work undercover at the race track to look into some odd goings on that could ruin his chances of winning the championship.

With the body of bird napper Barbaro turns up, Tara’s life gets even more complicated as once again she is up against local crime boss Johnny Viaspa.

Back in this second instalment are Tara’s best mates Boc & Smitty, her narcoleptic head of security Wal, and her mentor Mr Hara. Still living above her parents’ garage means that her Mum still tries to interfere in everything she does. She is also assisted in her undercover mission at the race track by teenager Cass who Tara had brief dealings with in Sharp Shooter. Currently homeless Tara takes her in and puts her culinary skills to good use… which considering they are undercover in a food truck and Tara is slightly lacking in cooking ability is not a bad thing.

For some reason I warmed to Tara far more in Sharp Turn than I did in Sharp Shooter. Her life is no less hectic, she is sort of dating Eduardo a bar tender/model but also finds time to flirt with Josh who has just started frequenting her local gym and she still has her undeniable crush on Nick Tozzi, who unfortunately for her is still married and determined to make his marriage work. Despite this fact she still finds herself repeatedly turning to him when she is in trouble. Is it wrong of me to say that despite everything I am kind of rooting for Tara and Nick to get together?? Yes I know he is married but when his wife is constantly lying about sorting out her drug problem you kind of want him to ditch her and go and have some fun.

Although she still uses her “gift” from time to time it is more to judge people’s character than anything else and she uses her investigative skills far more to solve the two cases she is working on. I know that at the start of the series it was her ability to see people’s auras that was the focal point of the plot but I think as the character has developed in the second book it is taking more of a back seat which for me makes the story much better.

There are some real chuckle out loud moments in the book and for me the best one was when she goes along to Eduardo’s photo shoot at the beach but if you want to find out why then you will have to read the book for yourself as I am not going to spoil it.

I will admit that I enjoyed Sharp Turn more than the first book in the series which some may consider strange. I felt that I connected more with the characters this time even though Mr Hara is still under used in my opinion and you would probably not miss him if he was written out entirely.  If you are looking for a fast paced quick read that provides you with some fun moments then the Tara Sharp series is worth taking a look at. I for one can’t wait to read the next instalment to see what Tara and her friends get up to next…. And if she finally gets together with Nick.

4 stars.


My thanks to the author and Miriam Rune for the review copy of Sharp Turn. It is available to purchase from the following links:

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