Blog Tour: Secret Demon 2 by CL Ryan (@Authoright)

It’s my pleasure to be able to bring to you an extract of Secret Demon 2 by CL Ryan as part of the blog tour.

secret-demon-2-coverThe Official Book Blurb

Once again the Murphy household is in chaos, and on top of that a rogue Demon is on the loose and has taken up residence on the estate, with dire consequences. Tom is still working away, leaving Patsy alone and struggling with day to day living and her own Demon. Megan has a very important cooking exam to pass, but money is short for the ingredients. Bonfire night, which is the biggest night of the year is approaching fast, and Patsy cooks for the whole street, and on top of that the family have the worry of being evicted from their house, as they are being relentlessly bullied by the local police Sargent who now knows the families secret. Will they survive?


Fred Mathews was a council man through and through, it was his job to get this estate painted and the job completed within three months and on budget, if he did he did his reward, a lovely large bonus cheque.

Fred left Dr Baxter’s surgery relieved he wasn’t ill, but started worrying about how he was going to handle getting that house done as fast as possible.  Of all the 400 houses it was the only one which was going to be painted yellow.  He decided to buy the yellow paint himself, enough just for her house, as this wouldn’t affect his bonus, whereas if he had to buy in a bulk amount of paint that wouldn’t be used it would. He would then be able to haggle for a better price on the other 3 colours, so saving him money on his budget, which would result in a better bonus.

The following week the council started its re-painting job on the estate. Patsy heard a knock at the front door.  The children had gone to school, and she had just finished washing- up the breakfast dishes.  She opened the door.  Fred Mathews stood outside, feeling and looking quite nervous.

“Hello Mrs Murphy, we’ve come to start the re-painting.  The boys here will have it done as fast as possible, hopefully in the next couple of days,” he said turning and showing Patsy the 6 workmen queuing up the garden path.  All other houses had just one workman each, but Fred was determined to get this house done fast.  The low growl of the large dog could be heard from somewhere inside the house, and Fred once again started to feel very sick. “Right, lads off we go, quickly as possible please, and oh, do a good job, I don’t want to come back here in a hurry,” he quietly commented to them, passing over the filler, primer and 2 large pots of bright yellow paint.

Secret Demon 2 is published on 14th March 2017 by Mirador.

About the Author

cl-ryanAfter over thirty years working in the hospitality sector Bristol-born C.L Ryan is now living in Somerset with her partner. Also a psychic medium C.L Ryan’s life experiences have influenced and inspired her paranormal series Secret Demons. Her other passions are cooking and diving —and she is a qualified BSAC Diving Instructor, BSAC Open Water Instructor and BSAC Advanced Diver— completing dives around the world from Tobago to Minorca and closer to home in Cornwall. Her first book Secret Demon 1 was published by Mirador December 2015.

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